What is a “Hotlink”

while i was exploring wordpress, i’ve tumbled with the word “hotlink”. Not a new word to me but definitely a new learning.

What is hotlinking?

Bandwidth theft or “hotlinking” is direct linking to a web site’s files (images, video, etc.). An example would be using an <img> tag to display a JPEG image you found on someone else’s web page so it will appear on your own site, eBay auction listing, weblog, forum message post, etc.

from: http://altlab.com/hotlinking.html

It means you are getting the url of an image, uploaded in a different server other than yours, so that you can use it in your website.


<img src=”http://notmysite.com/image.jpg&#8221; height=”350″ width=”200″>

i just found myself guilty of bandwidith theft! uh oh


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