Why Why Love

  • Title: 換換愛 / Huan Huan Ai
  • English title: Why Why Love
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 15
  • Broadcast network: CTS / GTV
  • Broadcast period: 2007-Jun-03 to 2007-Sept-09
  • Air time: 22:00 – 23:30 Sundays
  • Opening theme song: Wo Yao De Shi Jie (我要的世界) The World That I Want by Kingone
  • Ending theme song: Que Yang (缺氧) Oxygen Deprived by Rainie Yang
  • Insert songs: Wan Mei Bi Li (完美比例) Perfect Comparison by Rainie Yang
Welcome To My Heart by Kingone
Huan Huan Ai (換換愛) Exchange Love by Kingone

credits to d-addicts



Tong Jia Di is a college girl whose goal in life is to pay all her family’s debt. She’s called Taiwan Ashin(if m not mistaken), Queen of Jobs, Notes Girl, Good Family Virgin. aha, not quite sure with all these nicknames. Most of these are tagged by her bestfriend Xiao Nan.

One time, the Mall they are working for part time is having an event(i think its an outreach event). They have these booth that offers exchange coupons.

The gentleman handsome General Manager and future CEO of the Huo Mall Huo Yan picks up the Love coupon?? and Huo Da, Huo Family’s hard headed, devlish and brat second son picks up the Master and Angel Coupon,.

Huo Yan and Huo Da are childhood warmates(hehe)

At first, Huo Da is completely irritated with Jia Di while Huo Yan seemed to be interested to Jia Di’s cute personality on first meeting.

Huo Yan becomes Jia Di’s 10th Guy during her 20th bday when her friend Xia Nan wishes her that whoever is the 10th guy who will pass through them, Jia Di will have to ask for his number. By way of fate, the 9th and 10th guy are Huo Yan and Huo Da racing. Huo Yan won the race and eventually Jia Di got his number.

Yan Shu is Huo Da’s childhood  and forever love but Yan Shu likes Huo Yan and Huo Yan does not like Yan Shu. Later both Huo Yan and Huo Da will fall for Jia Di.

Throughout the first episode, Huo Da and Jia Di always meet around.  Later, Huo Da makes Jia Di work for him in exchange of the coupon.

THere were several conflicts and misunderstandings that Jia Di had to face through but with people that loves her, she’s always been rescued.

At the middle of the whole series, I really didn’t have any idea who will be Jia Di’s guy Which kept me from watching until the end!

The Cinderella story is still catchy for me. Love the kilig and kulitan moments

A trouble maker boy is usually a person with drastic pasts and has a good heart who turns into a person 360 degrees reversed.

Naguluhan lang ako sa last part! yung nagkasakit si Huo Da! Ngskip kase ako. from 13 to 15 ata. haha. gusto ko na kasi matapos. ayun. ng fafast forward lang ako. basta lam ko naging ok ung magkapatid, naging donor si Huo Yan, tapos ung sa pinakalast part, di ko nagets maxado. si jia di and huo da p rin ung sa ending. pero ang gulo kala ko may nadeds, kala ko pa nga pareho. tapos pinakita na angel na si huo da, tapos buhay ulet xa. hehe. tapos pnkita lang ung naka move on na si yanshu. hmmm… anyways, ulitn ko ung chapters 13-15 ulit.para maayos.


Benta Part:(compilation from Gadotakuma)

“If I said it three times, it means that’s true” – Jia Di and Hou Da

“This is your circle, and I, the Devil Boy wants to come in” – Hou Da

“I can exchange lots of coupons if you just stay by my side” – Hou Da

“If there are a hundred things I hate about you, they will, quickly turn into the hundred things I love the most” – Jia Di

“I am the only person on this earth with the power and the capability to give you a liver, this only proves one point, that in this earth, I am you brother” – Hou Yan


ika nga sa review ni Gadotakuma

Kung gusto niya kiligin, okey na okey ang palabas na ito!

Kung gusto niyo matawa, panoorin mo to!

Kung gusto mo maiyak, oo nakakaiyak din ang series na ito. Lalo sa huling part!

mike he


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