Pasinaya 2011

When: February 6, 2011

Where: Cultural Center of the Philippines

After Sunday Service, Doms pulled me to CCP for the Pasinaya 2011 Event. I’ve never heard of the event before except that he showed me this (while in the bus) article saved from his HTC Pulse(Makes me want more or an HTC too!).

Pasinaya 2011 was “dubbed as the biggest one-day performing arts festival” with more than 80 performances from the different corners of CCP.

Since we came in at around 3:30 PM, we were only able to watch a theater performance from JUAN MAKASINING YOUTH ARTIST Network and the Grand Finale at the CCP Main Theatre.

Pasinaya 2011

Juan Makasining Artists


Pasinaya 2011performances at the tanghalang nicanor abelardo lobby

Pasinaya 2011

People’s GALA

The Grand Finale of the event is the PEOPLE’S GALA featuring a 500 voice choir led by the Philippine Madrigal Singers, Tanghalang Pilipino’s Actors Company, Camillr Lopez Molina, guest TV/Film artists, Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra and the UST Symphony Orchestra.


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