To Study or Not to Study?

AKIC CSB hotel

I was searching CSB’s site to check if they offer short courses for Culinary and it seemed YES! My younger brother is on his last sem until this March and we’re planning on what would be next for him. Taking Culinary Arts is on top of the list and good thing CSB is offering it. The details I need to check tomorrow.

The Certificate in Culinary Arts (CiCA) program is offered in consortium with the Center for Asian Culinary Studies. A well-designed module for aspiring Chefs, Entrepreneurs and Restaurateurs who need accelerated training and education. The program combines culinary theories, latest trends in the industry, practical training and application in the DLS-CSB School of HRIM’s state-of-the-art facilities under the supervision of certified trainers, professionals and industry practitioners.






SDA building CSB
On the other hand, I also saw the list of other short courses and 1 year diploma offered by Benilde under the School of Design and Arts(SDA). Hmm.. Makes me think..???? uhh.

I think I want to enroll. Apparently, I’ve been missing school! And since MBA or a Second Course is not yet feasible as of the moment, maybe I’m gonna take one of this very soon. And I have to ask my parents for the sponsorship! hahaha. At least, I’ll now be able to pursue my desire (before) to take and SDA course. HAHAHA.

Now I wonder which should I take? hmmmmmm

One-year Diploma Courses…


  • Professional Photography
  • 3D Design & Animation
  • Web Design & Animation

Certificate Courses… Partnering with the School of Professionals & Continuing Education (SPaCE)

  • Digital Editing & Imaging
  • Basic 3D Animation
  • Basic Digital Photography
  • Special Effects for Video
  • Digital Video Editing
  • Basic Web Development
  • Cartooning
  • Basic Figure Drawing
  • 3DsMax for Designers & Architects
  • Auto CAD 2D/3D for Designers & Architects
  • Classical Ballet
  • Modern Ballet
  • Hip-Hop Dance
  • Jazz Dance

Source: CSB website

Dowload CSB 2011 Prospectus here


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