Of Stomach Pains and Wisdom Tooth

Finally, I had my two lower wisdom teeth extracted.

Yesterday at the clinic:
Doctor: Anung papacheck mo?
Me: Ah, yung impacted tooth ko pa, naadvise po before na pabunot.. ipapacheck ko po sana kase sumasakit po sya from time to time.
Doctor: Kelan sya huling sumakit?
Me: Last week po.
Doctor checking…
Doctor: This should be treated as an emergency case.
Me: ooh o-k.

I was supposed to have the operation immediately yesterday(Thursday). It’s just that of so many days, I had the most unusual stomach pain of all time. Sabi ba naman ng dentist, “Baka naman stressed ka?” Hindi ko nasagot, “Eh, bakitngayun lang po sumakit yung tyan ko?” Instead, I told the dentist that i’ll come back the next day at pakikiramdaman ko muna yung tyan ko.

I thought I was gonna be fearless but just before the operation, nag chichill yung katawan ko! Kinakabahan? As I said before, I have a very large tolerance with physical pain but today.. I was wrong. Umiiyak ako nung tinatanggal na yung lower right impacted…to the extent na pinapakalma na ako nung dentist. Although may anesthesia pero I felt force and pressure against my jaw na masakit na pinaiyak ako. Siguro naiyak ako kase nararamdaman ko yung pressure at kung partida na may anesthesia, pano pa kaya kung mawawala na yung epekto nya. The operation almost took an hour and my dentist told me to take easy on my food and brushing as I had many stitches.

My jaw and mouth still both numb 3 hours after the operation. I still can’t control my lower lip that that I seem like a kid who do not know how to drink. The numbness feel awkward that I feel my lips are fuller than ever.

It would definitely much comfortable now that both wisdom teeth are gone. Thank you Daddy for taking charge with my a-month-worth-salary bill. I hope to repay you soon!

I just hope when the effect of the anesthesia is gone, the pain will be bearable!


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