Want to borrow my glasses?

imageWork can be stressful. It’s already a fact. At least in one point of your life at work, you might have thought of not going to office because you’re tired, you don’t wanna see your boss’s face, incidents(AM work) haunts you even in your sleep, in short you’re just burned out. Personally, I’ve experienced most of these. But every time I remember those experiences, whether it’s kwentuhan or busy-concentrated-on-my-screen moments, it gives me a 2-3 second mind break and I get to smile.

I’ve been in Accenture for exactly 1 year, 6 months and 17 days as of this writing. I must say that my stay here has been pretty much like a special Halo-Halo, a mix of thoughts, memories and experiences. There are some toppings that I like and there are some that I do not like. But just like how my team mate has always been saying, it’s just a matter of “mind setting”. If you get an escalation, take it as a learning and don’t get discouraged. If your team lead assigns you with several complex tasks, he/she must have been grooming you and does not intend to piss you. Work is fun. It just depends on how you see, take and accept it.

Work in Accenture can be stressful but going to work can actually be please-ful if you know how to maximize that resources around you.

Trainings – I must admit that one of the reasons I joined Accenture is because of the professional trainings it offers. It hones your skills, trainings courses are practical and to top it all, it’s FREE. It’s one opportunity I will never take for granted.

Best People – After joining Accenture, this is one reason that makes me (and most probably will make me) stay. I get to maximize my potentials as I know I am working with the best people in town.

Communities – One thing I appreciate about this company is its wide variety of available  and active communities. Start building your network and meet new friends!

Others – and a lot more.

No one is perfect. If no one(human) is perfect then definitely no company is perfect as well(since it’s the people who also compose a company). As I’ve already said, work can be stressful but it can also be fun and pleasing, it’s just how you react to it or maybe, make use of what a company “has” and stop whining on the what it “has not“.

It can just be a matter on how you see it, Accenture can be the Best Place to Be.


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