The Painful Rashes

If you try to search “shingles” in Google, the first five hits will tell you that:

  • its medical term is “Herpes Zoster”.
  • it’s a viral disease
  • it’s a very common painful, blistering viral rash
  • it’s a contagious rash


This which I got last Sunday. It was indeed a rash which appeared at the lower part of  my back.  At first we thought it was just a common rash possibly caused by any of the following: 1)too tight pants and belt(haha) 2) after-effect of too much sun exposure or 3) hot weather.

After 2 nights, it was still there. And the succeeding days, it’s becoming painful and small blisters are coming out.

I finally went to the hospital for consultation and the doctor said it was shingles.

How do you get shingles? The doctor said, shingles is a reactivation of the chicken pox virus. “Just imagine, you’ve had chicken pox when you were a child, after you’ve recovered, the chicken pox virus stayed and became dormant in your body, probably in your spinal column, and then it waited for a time that your body has a low resistance and the chicken virus attacked again your body as shingles.

So in short, I’ve had my lowest body resistance on the past weeks??

Now since it’s “contagious” and that those who have not had chicken pox and has a low body resistance could get chicken pox from me, I was advised to take a rest for a week! *wink*

But since that’s not exactly possible, I’m Working From Home starting tomorrow Monday until the shingles in my back heals 🙂


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