My Version of 100

I got home early today because my cabmate is going home to Samar this 4:00AM morning. And since my bed doesn’t call me yet for sleep, I think I’ll be starting this 100 things that happened to me this year…

  1. I spent a weekend at Bora with officemates.
  2. After 3 weeks, I went to Cebu to chill, hotel check in, sky adventure and tour galore.
  3. We went to Marinduque without prior plans on a Holy Week season.
  4. This year was the most frequent already in my lifetime – 2 for the win – visit of myself to Marinduque – my mom’s mother died.
  5. This year is my most inactive year in blogging.
  6. This year was the go live of the new’s site.
  7. This year was when was launched.
  8. This year was when I got promoted to a Senior Programmer. But please note that I am not a programmer. I am  a Support Analyst. 🙂
  9. I experience my first camping experience at Anawangin.
  10. I watched Citipointe Live.
  11. Watched Planetshakers Live.
  12. I had my two impacted wisdom teeth extracted.
  13. I got shingles!
  14. Experienced Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark Pampanga.
  15. Finally experienced reunion with Highschool classmates. Mabuti pa ang biglaan, natutuloy. Ang planado, hindi.
  16. Finished reading The Shack – the first fictional book I’ve finished reading from cover to cover for the first time.
  17. Read 2 other books: Dear John, A Night at Chateu Mormont, Tuesdays with Morrie(unfinished)
  18. Booked a flight to CDO but never went there.
  19. Was nominated and awarded a People Developer Award within the Project
  20. Added an item in my Most Embarrassing Moments when I lost my voice a.k.a pumiyok 2x during a presentation in front of a 300 pax project
  21. First Time at Eco Park – Creative Arts Network Team Building.
  22. Bought an ITouch 4G
  23. Had my phone (with 5000 inbox) reformatted.
  24. Joined Greentennial Run in February
  25. Joined Run For Pasig in November
  26. Joined Milo Run in December
  27. Bought my first Running shoes
  28. Was a ninang to
  29. Bought a Nikon D5000 DSLR
  30. Twas my brother David’s graduation.
  31. 5 team mates who resigned
  32. First time magpapicture sa crush.
  33. Saw my Tita Glo after 5 long years.
  34. Was able to attend JIL’s 33rd Anniversary.
  35. First time to see PNoy Live
  36. Went to Zambales for Summer Outing and missed Switchfoot Concert.
  37. Went to Pangasinan for our team’s team building and missed SAVED Festival.
  38. I wanted to learn guitar and included it in my new year’s wish list. it’s already december and I still cant play a single song.
  39. My white Gigabyte laptop(second) which I bought during my last term for my CAPROJ2  died last October.
  40. I ended my bond in October. We’re free!
  41. Spent some Sundays in Victory.
  42. Marathoned My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
  43. Marathoned The Secret Garden
  44. Marathoned The Big Bang Theory
  45. Watched Pasinaya 2011
  46. I was not a fan but this  year I had the most intake of chocolates
  47. Played CATS the musical and won second place.
  48. First time to be in Tacsiyapo, Tarlac.
  49. I bought a pair of red shoes
  50. Friendster’s Profile officially bid goodbye and I have not backed up my files.
  51. Admired Pshone Mario Maurer
  52. Naglipat ng bahay.
  53. Bought a cabinet for our apartment
  54. Was on duty on November 1
  55. Was working on January 1



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