Goodbye, 2013.

Maybe after I post this blog, I’ll get it over. I’ll have the energy to do the things I need and start decidings things. I’ve been asked several times today as to whether I am going home for New Year’s Eve and my answer has been a consistent “I don’t know.”

 At one point I might look so pityful. Why am I burying myself here in the city when I can still enjoy the fresh air and quality time with the kids at home. But at one point, it just feels so surreal. Yeah. What I’m doing right now, alone in the apartment at the last day of the year, writing, is probably what I really need. Something I wanted to do all year round and yet I cant because of the busy schedule.

Of course it’s a psychological thing. I am again, the oncall support for year end closing. But its different now. I cant believe I can’t risk not connecting to the internet instead of being with my family at New Year’s Eve. I didn’t want complications. Uggggh. Or maybe it is again my woman instinct. And I don’t want to tell myself later, “I knew it, I should have..”. And yes, I dont wanna burden my family if I get cranky just because I cant connect to the Internet and burden my father to bring me to the nearest Computer Shop, if there would be any open at whatever time that Support Phone would ring.

And so I tell myself, it would be the last time that this is gonna happen. Maybe I’ll just try to enjoy the experience of welcoming New Year in a different place for the first time in my 24 years of existence while at the same time enduring my siblings’ blablabla as to not coming home today. I’ll make sure to make it up with them.

2013 has been good great! It was a year of surprises. Maybe it wouldnt be like my other years where I could count a 100 of the things I’ve made that year.. but being promoted to the next career level (after just a year) and being sent to other side of the world for a month and a half were the highlights of it.

And so I remember, I think I’ve accomplished everything in my Goals for 2013.

  • X Amount of Money in my Bank Account (I think I shoudnt be posting this!)
  • Paying our own Apartment Rent! (yes, I spent my first 3 working years living in an apartment paid by my parents)
  • 0 credit card balance (technically, yes, I made it)
  • Buy a dress (lollll, bought a few but never got a chance to wear them)
  • No out of the country (Brazil was an exception because it was an all-expense-paid trip anyway)

And this coming year, I will definitely make time to join a life group.

I will TRY to stick to my priorities and learn to say NO.

I will take more vacation leaves! I plan to take a 2-week leave this summer even w/out a summer destination!

I will never hesitate taking a Sick Leave because going to the office even when you’re sick is not worth it.

Healthy Living! You’ll never know what you get yourself into if you take your health for granted. What good is to have a healthy career with an unhealthy body.

I will continue to learn, make more resolutions even if it’s not New Year and get out!


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