My 2014 New Year Adventure


This is the first time that I welcomed New Year in the City… the first time that I celebrated it not in the place where I grew up.. the first time not with my whole family. Well, it wasn’t how I dreamed and imagined it. I imagined (and planned) of bringing my whole family here in Manila! Maybe it was just God’s will not to. My brother and I were supposed to stay at Harbor Square so, you know, I can make a quick run at home should there be any urgent work. We ended up at Mall of Asia because Harbor Square was closed. It was a large New Year crowd. The place was known for its fireworks, right? But I wasn’t able to see it! Because just a few seconds after 2014 ticked, I received a call out(my 3rd on-call work) that day. How timely! We were able to dine in a restaurant with a free wifi but very slow! The office broadband stick was useless. Was just able to check my emails. We started walking. I was willing to walk all the way from MOA to Vito Cruz because there was no public transportation at all and I really really really needed to go home and connect to the internet! What could have I expected on the eve of New Year?!  When I saw a tricycle(of all!) looking for passengers, I was like “I’ll pay whatever it takes” at that time. And just at the nick of time, I was like 12 minutes before the escalation call. I just don’t have enough words to describe the work I had to do while I bid goodbye to 2013 and welcomed 2014. I took my first Sick Leave the next day by the way.. the supposedly official first working day of the year.

Thank you my brotha for having to stay in Manila for New Year’s Eve because of me!

On a side note, it was also the first time I saw  people rushed because of stray fireworks. :S Yeah! I tried googling the incident it but I only saw a few tweets about that. I guess MOA has its ways of… #youknowwhatimean.



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