Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars

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I was never a bookworm. In fact, the first time I’ve read a book from cover to cover is just a few years after I graduated college. It was titled “The Shack” that my office mate lent me. After that, I got fascinated in the world of fiction reading. Then if I could still remember all, I read a book whose title I forgot but was written by the The Devil Wears Prada author, Dear John, Hunger Games Trilogy. Right now, I’m reading the Divergent Trilogy.

The Fault in Our Stars is about cancer patients and cancer survivors. It centers mainly on young love despite the odds of fighting cancer.

In High School, teachers would usually ask you to do a book review and one if the elements of it is explaining the title. And if I will be asked to explain why the title of this book is The Fault in Our Stars, I’ll probably not get a good grade. I might not be able to answer that very well. The book was surprisingly(at least for me) written with a lot of metaphors. But don’t get me wrong, I appreciate metaphors. But it’s just that  I feel like I dont understand parts of the book. I also noticed that the book was somehow written a Shakesperean way. Maybe that’s why. I was never a fan because my teachers never asked us to ready his works. There was a part in the book where it mentioned the fault in our stars which is somehow related to Shakespeare but still I didn’t understand =)). It took me two days to finish it,

Some quotable phrases from the book I’ve taken note of:
Some infnities are bigger than other infinities.
Side effects of dying
Metaphorical resonance

I finished the book without knowing I ended it already. I’m excited for the movie because of  2 things. First because the lead casts are Shailene Woodley(Hazel) and Ansel Elgort(Gus) who also played as Tris and Caleb in Divergent! Second, I think the movie will be dramatic!




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