We live in an apartment in the heart of Manila with my sibs. My older brother is leaving the country to look for his greener pasture. I just found myself being so mushy with him. Funny how I remembered the Korean series 49 Days and the its Tagalized version Pure Love. Well I don’t want to go to that extent that I have to do a countdown until his departure. But for illustration purposes, it would be around less than a month. One night, we talked and reopened the “buying a house” topic. You see, I’ve been here in Manila for more than 8 years already. Count my brother’s as 9. We’ve been to different condo’s here in Taft. We we just thinking how it could have been so practical if our parents bought a unit then. Well, maybe no one thought that we’d be staying here this long? But anyway, the thing is, we’re looking for a home. A home could be a condo, an apartment or a house. This topic is always so endless. And it dawned to me that there are others who are very risk takers. Their tolerability to take risks is just so high. And they are the people who are successful in their chosen paths. And I admire them. Just like how I admire the series “The Crazy Ones” by the late Robin Williams. When I was a kid, I wanted to be many things. I aspired to be a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, an accountant. But now I’m all grown up, you can only choose one life to live.


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