Cinemalaya 2014


Every film or movie has their target audiences. Some movies may be good for some where for the others, they aren’t. What’s so good about Indie Films is that they have an attack to life’s realness especially in 3rd world countries such as the Philippines. It showcases lives of people that the other part of the population do not know they exist. I also had aspirations before to produce my own film though not necessarily an indie film. Could be a documentary or a Christian-based film. I thought that those who produce the indie films, their stories are stories that are close to them.

From this year’s Cinemalaya New Breed and Director’s Showcase Entries, my favorites (in order) are:

  1. The Janitor
  2. Children’s Show
  3. Edna
  4. Separados
  5. Ronda

Movies I wanted to watch but didn’t due to different reasons:

  1. #Y
  2. 1st ko si 3rd
  3. Mariquina
  4. Dagitab
  5. Hari ng Tondo

Check out the trailers of the entries below.


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