When To Vist Baler, Aurora

“Dahil kay Kris Aquino, dumami ang mga pumpunta ngayon sa Baler.”
Because of Kris Aquino, Baler now have lots of tourists.
This is what Kuya Tricycle Driver told me while we decided not to pursue seeing the Mother Falls on a heavy traffic under a very sunny mid-day last Summer. Kuya said that Baler was featured by Kris Aquino on KrisTV.
There are lots of cars and mostly the tricycles that offer tour packages on the very steep road going up to the Mother Falls. Indeed, Baler has become an insta famous go to place by people. But the thing is, it was summer! And Baler is famous for surfing. And there are no waves during Summer (please do correct me if I’m wrong). But when we went there, there were no waves ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And there are still many people of all ages who has signed up for Surfing 101. Well, including yours truly.ย 
To start off, visiting Baler on the peak of the summer season is a wrong move. It was crowded as the beach when in the first place, it’s not a place to go beachin. There are not much of waves and with the very little the summer sun gave us, you wouldn’t enjoy it because you go crashing and bumping to to other surfers. Though I guess, it will still be fulfilling when you get to stand on a surfboard.ย 
And I guess only few of those who visited Baler knew Dicasalarin. It was the strawberry at the top of our icing. It was so peace, serene, and most especially, less people. It is a place to relax. It was a 20-30 minute single motorcycle ride. It was the longest ride Ived had for a single motor bike. It was an amazing feeling =))
All hotels were fully booked!ย 

So to answer the question when to Visit Baler, Aurora, it would be NOT on a Summer. The Kuya Surfers we met said that it’s best to come on Ber Months.
baler aurora
A view going to Dicasalarin

Dicasalarin Cove View from the Front Gate that the Angara’s own

Baler Surfing
When I first went there Sept 2012, we almost owned the beach. And it was raining so there were bigger waves.
Baler Summer
When we came back on Summer 2014 (May)

Baler Surfing
It is outright fulfilling when after many attempts…..
…you get to stand on that surfboard..

baler surfing
along with all these surfers wannabes..
baler night life
And didn’t you know Baler has night life too!
Bayler View Turones
Now for Bay-Ler View’s famous turones with home made ice cream. Yum!
And just a peak to the newly opened beach-front resort Costa Pacifica (also owned by the Angara’s)


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