To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before


So  I read this book and I somehow have that uneasiness in me that not until I write it all out here, it wont leave me. Ironically, it’s just like Lara Jean, the protagonist in the story.

Story is focused on middle aged group. I know it’s not for me anymore but maybe it’s the fact that I never experienced most of these in highschool that now I’m somehow catching up.

The whole plot of the story was surprisingly that cliche one with that famous school varsity ending up with a nobody… But with a twist!

The twist is what actually made me impulsely buy this book. Though I may have expected MORE into the MESS that was mentioned…probably more action and drama. Haha. But anyway, here are the things I have noted in the book.

As i said, it’s that cliche story with a twist.
I somehow could relate a lot to Lara Jean’s personality. Writing (though not exatly love letter goodbyes)… But i do write out things for me to get over something. It’ll get messed up in my head and will feel like its an open case with no closure unless it HAS been written. And about the boys I’ve loved before, i think ive only drafted only once (blog) about him.  Cant remember what ive written actually. Drafted but never published it(of course!). Ill try to look for it when i have time. Haha.

I like that book because the scenes are close to reality. And I was wrong with my prediction! You see, for every movie or book, we usually have a prediction in our heads already as to what’s gonna happen or who’s gonna end up with who. I really thought in the first parts of the book that its about Lara Jean and  Josh. But as it went along, I said hey why is it all now Peter K when I’m almost at the half of the book. That’s just where I settled, ok fine. It’s the school jock again.

It was a good description of a family. I dont know how to describe it but the way the author wrote it, I was really able to picture it out! And the story is not all about Lara Jean and Peter, there’s also Kitty and her dad and her older sister Margot.

It’s that moment when you feel like a book was written based on your life? Haha. I felt like this book was. As an excerpt, Lara Jean said.. It gets scary when its real. And I could totally relate!


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