What I wanna tell my kids about the Papal Visit in 2015

In my textbooks, there are definitely lines and stories there about visits of the pope in the Philippines. And when my kids will ask me about it, the story would be:

It was a historic 5 straight days Holiday (January 15-19, 2015).
Streets were closed including the street were we lived in. It was closed for 5 days.
Streets were wiped out. No pedicabs, street children neither the homeless men.
I was in a cab from SM Makati to McKinley when the pope has arrived. Kuya Driver an I were listening to the minute by minute broadcast. I felt goosebumps. Though im not a Catholic.
In the whole duration, there were times I’d feel something about the visit.
Lots of my friends(at least facebook told me so), they went to see the Pope. Friends i didnt expect theyd do it. Stand with the crowd, wait for hours and just get a glimpse of the Papa.
His visit brings hope to many people. Ans probably reminder and revival to the Catholics. Just as long that people should not worship him as he is only an instrument as well by God. Glory should be God’s and not the Pope’s.


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