Life’s Ironies

Because my nature is a Yes-person and it burdens me when I disappoint people or I deliver below people’s expectations and yet I continue to disappoint God ๐Ÿ˜ฆ 

Manila has recently achieved another milestone having the worst traffic! Good job. Tapos yung oras ng shift mo sabay na sabay sa rush hour.  
When the traffic seriously affects your motivation to go to work. Dang, is this even worth it?

When you feel physically tired, but then you cannot go on SL because it’s Month End Closing Day 1. Right, work again.

Thinking of renting a place near the office. Edi lalo nang um-OT tapos ang daming consequence.

Yung everyday, nagiiba yung gusto mong direksyon sa buhay (magresign, magibang bansa, magmissions, mag-aral).


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