2015 in Retrospect

 So let’s start with ALDUB. Aldub craze started in July and I will not deny that almost half of my year was filled with Aldub fangirling. There’s undeniably a kilig factor to the the accidental love team, you know.

Those saturdays where I wake up as early as 12 NN when my usual wake up time is 2 to 3 pm. Those Saturdays that I don’t commit to any plans because I need to watch Aldub in Live TV. Hoho. Well at least it has subsided by now because Tamang Panahon has already happened. And yesterday, Tamang Panahon was on replay, Gaaah! It felt so fresh!

And as for my Maine-fangirling: Nabasa ko sa isang magazine, Maine represents the young women of today who have their own aspirations and insecurities. Doesn’t it make sense? Hehehe

Sabi pa ulit sa magazine: there are 5 common themes that explain why people are hooked on Aldub: tuwa, pagiging Pilipino, kilig, community and breath of fresh air.

TV series has probably played a role for me to cope up with stress and to forget work while I’m at home. There’s chasing life, htgwm, Jane the Virgin, Walking dead, The 100.

I’m particualry heartbroken that Chasing Life was not renewed for Season 2. My “if life is a book” it would be To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. My “if life is a movie” it would be What If. Well, my “if life is a series” it would be Chasing Life. Why? Maybe because at some point in my life, I wanted to be a writer. Like a real professional writer.

While in The 100, It crushed my heart that they had to kill Finn. He’s my favorite character.. And I ship him for Clarke. Hehe. Well the same way they kiled Leo in Chasing Life. Yeah, they just kill off characters like that.

On the otherhand, I am still torn between #TeamMichael and #TeamRafael for Jane as to who’s the best guy for her. You know, both are perfect guys. Gaaaah. I hope not to be in same position of her in the future. Hahaha

I am happy that I got time to blog this year. Compared to the past 6 years that I am working. 22 posts this year!  And I still hve lots in my backlog, SG-MY trip, throwbike MNL, BKK Trip, Batulao climb. And those scribbles filed in my google keep and ios notes.

My key thoughts this year: It is to be appreciative of what you have. It is to acknowledge that there’s no perfect life. And that you make your own sadness or happiness on the better side of it. You cannot force people to stay with your side because they have to move on with life (or career). You can keep in touch but you should not be trapped on the past happy and/or comfortable life you’ve had. And true happiness you will not find with endless shopping or with countless parties or weekend hangouts or travel, true happiness really, you’ll find it in the Lord. That Victory HoleHearted Series will always be relevant. Everything under the sun is vanity of vanities.

On other news..

  • Our youngest have graduated this year and now a working professional. Hooray for our parents!
  • I had a ticket to Sydney, Australia but never got there because I had a problem with Visa requirements. I have a scar in my lungs. And it means terribly long process and waiting. I tried to convince myself that I just lost in an investment so I could forget how much the ticket was.
  • I had 3 weeks planned vacation and was supposed to be my long awaited break since the major projects went live.
  • A week before the expected flight, I knew I wont make it. And because I was so depressed, I booked right away 2 tickets to Singapore. My budget for Australia turned into a Graduation gift for my sister.
  • 3 from my team resigned this year and 1 was rolled off
  • And it was a major shake to the team
  • This year marked my lowest point in my career. I was so tired and unmotivated I had a random attack that I told my boss that I was quitting.
  • And everyone on my next in line was also planning to quit. That I had no one to fill me in and maybe was the reason I almost got the lowest rating this year.
  • It was because after a major project exited this year, everyone was burnt out.
  • And I cannot do anything about it.
  • Was torn between unguiltly leaving or a self destruct staying
  • But you know, life goes on. And when people leave, new people come.
  • And I guess it’s true that there’s no trial that will be given to you that you cannot overcome.
  • A few months after, the team was able to bounce back. And so have I.
  • There was so much team effort. It was indeed a journey. And it’s a short journey that will be pinned in my timeline.
  • It is a story I can tell over and over again.
  • And while I’m writing this post, I can’t believe it was only this year.


  • I got to visit again Cebu in October and jumped my fears out in Canyoneering.
  • I got to explore Bangkok with old friends(resigned team mates) in November
  • Finally toured Intramuros in a bike (long time wish) twice this year via #ThrowBikeManila

While on instagram..


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