Night Shift

Struggles of a Night Shifter

My brother and I were having a random conversation and he said “you don’t have time for us”. And I was so struck because he is not the kind of person to make such comments. I asked how come. I’m home most of the weekends. We almost go out from time to time to grab dinner or go somewhere. Then he said I’m always asleep. At that time, I was still not convinced.. Then it hit me.
It’s the difference of body and work clock. I sleep 6am Saturday in the average. This is when I’m on CET. I sleep around 8am when I’m on EST. It’s time for my sleep, and it’s time for them to wake up.

In another occasion, we planned to go to Greenhills. At the last minute I changed my mind. They hate my tardiness and ficklemindedness. I tell them I’m just being spontaneous and they should also be. I was a bit angry because they cannot understand me. It’s only 3pm at the time. For me, the day is still so long there’s still a lot to do. But then I forget, their day is almost ending, and they could have been waiting for me to wake up all day.

Struggles of living in Manila

Public transportation. I stopped riding the LRT MRT this year and it boomed my living expenses. Una, nakaka adik mag Uber/GrabCar. It’s very convenient tapos nakakahinayang sobra yung oras na spent on commuting. Yung taga dyan ka lang naman, di naman talaga kalayuan pero aabutin ka mahigit kumulang isang oras para pumasok kahit Uber/GrabCar/Taxi na. Pano pa kung commute diba?

Engagement Activities / Non Work na Work din naman talaga

Ang daming kong engagement activities this year. Parang puro engagament na lang.. Feeling ko nauubos ang oras ko at napapabayaan na yung totoong trabaho. Minsan nga naiisip ko, yung engagament efforts pa talaga yung nagcause bakit ang consistent lang ang ratings ko. So Ironic!


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