100 Movie Challenge

“I’ve been waiting for the right guy to come along, ang then you show up. You are nothing like the man I imagined but the truth is fighting with you is the best thing that happened to me.. And there’s a good chance I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Because iOS doesn’t have a Blogger App, I will be posting this here for now.

I’ve been boring myself on chickflicks on the last few weekends now so why not take the 100 Movie challenge this year.

1st Movie: 27 Dresses 

So I’ve seen this movie before and it just kind of made it to my favorite movies. I suddenly wanted to watch it again. Light. Cheeky. Or Cheesy. There it is again, a writer character, a wedding in the plot.. And that blackberry thing kind of triggered me to really want a blackberry back then in college. I have a feeling it’s really an advertisement from BB 😬


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