Descendants of the Sun showing in the Philippines

My little sister and I are both fans of Series but she’s never a fan of Korean Drama. From time to time I do a hiatus in watching them because you know, it keep me up til the sun is up. This time, I finally convinced my sister to watch one!

How did I know this Kdrama? Saw friends who keep on reposting this. Then I saw that GMA7 will also be showing it. I thought it will be a heavy serious drama or something I wouldnt like because of the impression the title gives you. But it’s not!

So while the iron is hot, I’m doing a write up of Descendants of the Sun. I saw it somewhere that it will be a normal 16 episode series and as of this writing, the latest episode is Episode 10 and is finale is set by 1st week of April. So I’m not sure when GMA7 plans to release it and on which slot.

What makes this Korean drama stand out? At least for me, it’s a new setting. It’s a military centred romance between a Soldier and a Surgeon who were bound by destiny as they meet the second time in a not so romantic place, the field. They struggle their feelings while they’re between a natural disaster, epidemic and a run against bad guys.
I could totally understand the perspective of a woman why she’d hesitate at first or was feeling confused and reject him a couple of times. Not once but everytime they are on a middle of a date, our leading man has to be summoned somewhere, calling of his work. And through out the story, she learns that his role requires him to be always risking his life and will be away from her most of the time if they will end up together. Of course I’m a fan of happy endings. I hope that she’ll join the army as an army doctor and that they could be together more.

Episode 1 will make you hooked to the screen and will make you want to finish the next 10 episodes. It’s light, funny and the characters are very charming! I believe Episode 1 was a total hit. The story is fast paced. It’s not boring and they have chemistry on first sight. There’s kilig overload.

These are my favorite scenes from Episode 1. And here goes Si Jin’s obsessive staring.

descendants of the sun
The first time they meet each other
descendants of the sun
When Si Jin asks MoYeo for a date on the spot

Episode 2

Kang Mo Yeon rejects SinJin for the first time

Episode 3

descendants of the sun
Minefield scene
descendants of the sun
Big Boss gets rejected the second time
descendants of the sun
Talk about a beautiful disaster

Episode 4

Every episode is just the most intense episode so far. This one is epic!

Si Jin’s character is too straight forward. I guess it’s all the girls’ weakness when men are being too straightforward and you know and feel that he’s honest and not there to fool around.

I like the flow of the story. It’s not similar to what I’ve read and watched over and over again. At least they are focused on a love story where there’s no love triagle or complicated foursome love twist.

Oh by the way, the OSTs are amazing. Yung di mo kailangang maintindihan para maramdaman yung kanta. I’ve been playing them for a week already πŸ˜‰


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