Descendants of the Sun Review

If I will be asked between typical and not typical, I’d choose the latter. I guess people are just inclined to the non typical type of stories and that’s where DOTS fit in.

How is DoTS not typical?

For the most Kdramas I’ve watched, I have seen scenes more than once where the leading woman is caught between 2 men and both are just so adorable. Well sometimes, the unchosen one is more deserving than the other (Falling for Innocence, Lovers in Paris). Tragic Love Stories such as Memories of Bali and 49 Days. There are definitely lots of the Cinderella type of kdramas. Sometimes the plot is a about the rich male / poor lady agony or vice versa (Shining Inheritance, Boys over Flowers). Another cliche story is when a girl  covers up to be a man (Sangkyunkwan Scandal, Coffee Prince, He’s Beautiful).

And DoTS gave me a fresh korean plot.

Is it love at first sight? I think not. Maybe,  they were attracted to each other at first sight but it wasnt love.

Leading man is adorable, charming and direct to the point. No more running around the bush. He knows what he wants and he’s confident with what he wants.

Descendants of the Sun It’s a Military(korean) soldier and a surgeon love story and how the girl really likes the guy but she has hesitations and reservations because of his line of work.

By the time I started watching DOTS, I ditched all my american series because i got Yoo Si Jin absorbed. Every episode of DOTS is a rollercoaster ride.

Episode 1

  • We saw Sin Jin in casual attires and he looked damn pretty on all his outfit
  • We saw Si Jin topless. Bakit di na naulit? Char!
  • Ep 1 pa lang and it already makes your heart flutter all through out.
  • In this first episode, Si Jin had to stand her up on their supposedly first date
  • Their meeting was also cute. Not somthing I’ve seen anywhere.
  • Chosen OST are always on point and I think the OSTs play a big role
  • The helicopter pick up makes him legit haha
  • The action scenes are not to cringe for, they are not ridculous action scenes.
  • You get curious with Seo Dae Young and Myeong Yun Joo’s love story.

Rewatching it over and over again you’ll find loop holes in the scenes and acting haha. Like how can a member of the alpha team of the Special Forces not know why they had to take off identificarion tags and where they are being deployed!

Descendants of the Sun
Episode 2

  • They successfully established how ironic their line of works are. KMY saves lives while YSJ deals with death to keep peace
  • That waiting scene and showing up 2 hrs before their date was kilig! I saw a video in youtube commenting that a man showing up 2 hrs earlier is impolite! Wel if it’s YSJ, it never is!
  • They had their first date but KMY got stood up again
  • KMY rejects YSJ the first time. I think she was just really emotional that time and why she had to reject him at the time

Descendants of the Sun
To be continued..


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