Signing off. Thank You.

I’ve always loved reading non work emails. Those mostly coming from my leads, managers and MDs or those last working day emails (especially the lengthy ones) coz they are personal and I feel like I get to know them better.

I’ve been looking forward to send my own version of a lengthy novel of signing off. But I never did.

This is a transition year for me. It’s a big deal for me but but I just don’t wanna make a big deal out of it anymore.

But still, Thank you. That’s probably all I could say.

For all the people I’ve worked with. It was a pleasure working with the best people in town!

For all the people who believed in me even on those times I almost gave up.

For all the learnings, escalations, opportunities, companionship, friendship, heart breaks, victories, discouragements and encouragements.

Thank you for all the people who were there for me during this transition.

Til next time >!


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