Work From Home Essentials

1) Desk

On my first few weeks of working from home, I would only set up a foldable desk wherever. I would sit in the bed or work at the kitchen table and switch places multiple times a day. I did not feel at ease and would always move my “work station”. In short, di ako mapakali. I finally decided to buy a new table (yung mas mataas and mas malaki) and it was a turning point.

2) Corner / Space

With the new table, I had to do some rearranging. After setting it up, I was more productive. I didn’t need to do pack and unpacking of my laptop in a daily basis. That little corner of our small apartment became my “small office”.

3) Quality Headphones

Since we are in a virtual working office, all face to face meetings and collaboration is now done online. It’s not surprising to be in calls almost whole your day and it is essential to have quality earphones. I would sometimes use my earphones but most of the time I have to hold my mic nearer so that people can hear me well.

4) Extra Monitor

Not everyone needs it but it’s a life (and time) saver depending on your work. If you work on multiple files at a time and would need to do multi tasking, this is a plus.

5) Connectors

I wouldn’t be able to use this old extra monitor without this connector.

6) Phone Stand

Even if you have your laptop, your phone always act as your back up. If you are in the middle of a call and your computer crashes, you can easily reconnect back using your phone.

7) Mood Board

Just so if you have important stuff you need to quickly look for, or if you want somthing visual that will inspire you before you start your day, or maybe just a calendar and a list of your to do’s, mood board is a go-to.

Photo by Gerd Altmann on

8) Speaker or Bluetooth earphones

If you are attending a training and doesn’t really need to talk during a meeting, this is useful since you can walk around the

9) Hooks

Thankfully there were hooks at home I could readily use. It helped me hang the mood board, some frames and my headphones.

10) Mini fan

If you are in the PH, this is also a life hack. If you dont want to pay too much of your electric bill, this is sufficient (at times).

PS: My laptop and headphones are from the office. All other stuff are sponsored by sibs. They are either used somewhere else or just stuck in the drawers. Thanks Bunso and TechyJuan ❀


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