Stock Trading, FOMO and 100 Days of Quarantine

It has been 100 days. More or less. Depending on which date you mark as Day 1. I kind of lost count already. And my writing has been quiet for a while.

Where have I been? Still here.. just that I couldn’t write. I have a few topics in mind, but there’s no spark to write from the past weeks.

I also got occupied in selling some of my pre-loved stuff in FB MarketPlace and Carousel. I sold a hiking bag, a top, funko pop and the rest are books. Most of my buyers are from outside NCR. It was an interesting experience to ship things and talk to first hand customers. Salute to hands-on online sellers in keeping their patience and discipline to the art of selling.

When there’s selling, there’s also buying. I indulged myself in adding to cart a few items. It started with Shopee’s free shipping last 6.6 and yun, I gave in. As of this writing naman, I’m only waiting for 2 items. 1 from Shopee and 1 from an IG online store.

I said last time that writing keeps me sane. And yes it did. I guess I really have adjusted to the new norm and I didn’t need the journaling. Well also, there’s just too much distractions to just focus on one thing. Which leads me to FOMO. Fear of Missing Out.

FOMO of Being Productive this Quarantine. At some point yeah. Coz we have all the time in the world and you also feel obliged to accomplish a few things.

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FOMO of new opportunities or Business Ventures. You open facebook and you get roughly 20+ page invites per day. I am not against it. I am all supportive (when I’m in the mood). But what does it say.. people are venturing out either on their new hobbies or new business ventures. E commerce and digital is really now booming and blooming in this pandemic. And as they say, you wont thrive if your business doesn’t have an online presence. Do I feel “FOMO” about this? Kind of. Haha. But really, kudos to those who are thriving and found their “silver lining”.

FOMO of Stock Trading. The PH Index has rallied up when the country opened to GCQ at the start of the month. Nakaka FOMO lahat ng nakaride sa pagtaas ng stocks. I started to invest on stocks prior the pandemic and my portfolio is red. Recently, I gave in, I sold them and my paper loss turned to actual loss. Now, I’m trying to learn technical analysis which have taken a long time and til now di pa rin tapos.

Finding another source of income. Yes. Andun na talaga tayo sa stage na yun. I’m turning 11 in the corporate world in a few months and I’ve been a dedicated employee all my “working life”. Dedicated to the extent na kaya ko dati mag OT ng walang bayad, mag night shift ng walang night premium at di kaya umintindi ng ibang bagay kasi kahit pag-uwi, pre-occupied ng work thoughts. But since I’m on the next chapter of my life, we are moving on, finding new passion (or maybe pursuing my passion) and continue fulfulling our “para kanino ka bumabangon?”.

Then there’s people’s enthusiasm to buy furniture, home improvements and indoor plants! Hello Plantitos and Plantitas!

In other news, just today, PH breached the 30K mark of COVID positive case. Also, our Barangay (in Batangas), also recorded yesterday its first case and the first of our town.

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