She’s home.

She is finally home. After nine months. I wonder if there was trauma from the ground shakings and chaos when the grumpy Taal decided to erupt.


It was a morning last Saturday when I woke up from a ringing phone. My mom answered. It was still early for a weekend that I was still feeling groggy.

I held on to the rails of the bed and went down.

Are we going home?

She snapped.

Then I snapped.

It was too early for this.

Hours went by. I started packing things when she, out of nowhere, said, ‘Let’s go home’. I didn’t hear it well at first. It only sinked in when my brother reacted to it. Then I smirked.

Imagine, she would be left alone in the apartment for a whole week if she insisted on staying. I decided I’ll come home regardless.

‘What changed your mind?’ I asked several times and she answered differently everytime.


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