Hugot Team Lead

Yung feeling na parang binbreak ka ng boyfriend mo. Yung tatanungin mo kung anong nangyari at gusto na nya mag give up. Yung gusto mo lang marinig yung side nila. Yung kahit narinig mo na yung dahilan nila pero ayaw mo silang kumbinsihin na kaya pa maworkout. Na ayaw mo magbago yung isip nila dahil sayo kasi gusto mo na sila yung magdecide para sa sarili nila. Yung kahit nasasakyan ka at nahihirapan na gusto na nila makipaghiwalay, hindi mo pa rin sila pipigilan. Yung late magsink in ang mga nangyayari. Yung attached ka na kasi masyado kaya ka nasasaktan.m

PS: Hugot ng Team Lead na maraming nagfile ng resignation. Sabay sabay.

The pain you feel today is the strength you will feel tomorrow. For every challenge, there is an opportunity for growth.


6 Years of Love Hate Relationship

Six Years na kami ni Accenture. And going stronger? Who would have thought.

When I was still an SE, I once told a friend “Hindi ako magpapaabot ng TL” dito. Guess what, now I’m an Associate Manager.

Ano bang nangyari in the past six years? Minsan nasasabi ko, 6 yrs na pala yun? Minsan naman nasasabi ko, 6 years pa lang ba? Kasi feeling ko ang tagal tagal ko na nagwowork.

Tinatanong ng marami, “what makes you stay?” Ano nga ba? There’s definitely a long list of reasons why I would want to explore opportunities outside, but I guess the list of reasons to stay and grow in Accenture is longer.

Ilang beses na akong nagheads up na plano ko na umalis. E laging hindi natutuloy. By the time na andun na ko sa inestimate kong panahon, nagbago na naman yung ihip ng hangin.


Well there are also your friends who are more than just office mates. People who you talk to, seat with everyday and share your life with.

There’s the continuous learning. There’s that what makes you feeling accomplished kahit pagod.

Weird thing is, when you’re in Accenture, it can mold you, it can make you focus on your career journey. Sa dami ba namang mentors and coaches sa paligid and people who inspire you to do better. You have to be ready to accept the challenges and accept the opportunities that come your way. Yun nga lang, it could take majority of your time. It takes a little sacrifice. Sabi nga ng notebook ko,

No Great achievement is possible without persistence

 Insert amazed face. Bow.

2015 in Retrospect

 So let’s start with ALDUB. Aldub craze started in July and I will not deny that almost half of my year was filled with Aldub fangirling. There’s undeniably a kilig factor to the the accidental love team, you know.

Those saturdays where I wake up as early as 12 NN when my usual wake up time is 2 to 3 pm. Those Saturdays that I don’t commit to any plans because I need to watch Aldub in Live TV. Hoho. Well at least it has subsided by now because Tamang Panahon has already happened. And yesterday, Tamang Panahon was on replay, Gaaah! It felt so fresh!

And as for my Maine-fangirling: Nabasa ko sa isang magazine, Maine represents the young women of today who have their own aspirations and insecurities. Doesn’t it make sense? Hehehe

Sabi pa ulit sa magazine: there are 5 common themes that explain why people are hooked on Aldub: tuwa, pagiging Pilipino, kilig, community and breath of fresh air.

TV series has probably played a role for me to cope up with stress and to forget work while I’m at home. There’s chasing life, htgwm, Jane the Virgin, Walking dead, The 100.

I’m particualry heartbroken that Chasing Life was not renewed for Season 2. My “if life is a book” it would be To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. My “if life is a movie” it would be What If. Well, my “if life is a series” it would be Chasing Life. Why? Maybe because at some point in my life, I wanted to be a writer. Like a real professional writer.

While in The 100, It crushed my heart that they had to kill Finn. He’s my favorite character.. And I ship him for Clarke. Hehe. Well the same way they kiled Leo in Chasing Life. Yeah, they just kill off characters like that.

On the otherhand, I am still torn between #TeamMichael and #TeamRafael for Jane as to who’s the best guy for her. You know, both are perfect guys. Gaaaah. I hope not to be in same position of her in the future. Hahaha

I am happy that I got time to blog this year. Compared to the past 6 years that I am working. 22 posts this year!  And I still hve lots in my backlog, SG-MY trip, throwbike MNL, BKK Trip, Batulao climb. And those scribbles filed in my google keep and ios notes.

My key thoughts this year: It is to be appreciative of what you have. It is to acknowledge that there’s no perfect life. And that you make your own sadness or happiness on the better side of it. You cannot force people to stay with your side because they have to move on with life (or career). You can keep in touch but you should not be trapped on the past happy and/or comfortable life you’ve had. And true happiness you will not find with endless shopping or with countless parties or weekend hangouts or travel, true happiness really, you’ll find it in the Lord. That Victory HoleHearted Series will always be relevant. Everything under the sun is vanity of vanities.

On other news..

  • Our youngest have graduated this year and now a working professional. Hooray for our parents!
  • I had a ticket to Sydney, Australia but never got there because I had a problem with Visa requirements. I have a scar in my lungs. And it means terribly long process and waiting. I tried to convince myself that I just lost in an investment so I could forget how much the ticket was.
  • I had 3 weeks planned vacation and was supposed to be my long awaited break since the major projects went live.
  • A week before the expected flight, I knew I wont make it. And because I was so depressed, I booked right away 2 tickets to Singapore. My budget for Australia turned into a Graduation gift for my sister.
  • 3 from my team resigned this year and 1 was rolled off
  • And it was a major shake to the team
  • This year marked my lowest point in my career. I was so tired and unmotivated I had a random attack that I told my boss that I was quitting.
  • And everyone on my next in line was also planning to quit. That I had no one to fill me in and maybe was the reason I almost got the lowest rating this year.
  • It was because after a major project exited this year, everyone was burnt out.
  • And I cannot do anything about it.
  • Was torn between unguiltly leaving or a self destruct staying
  • But you know, life goes on. And when people leave, new people come.
  • And I guess it’s true that there’s no trial that will be given to you that you cannot overcome.
  • A few months after, the team was able to bounce back. And so have I.
  • There was so much team effort. It was indeed a journey. And it’s a short journey that will be pinned in my timeline.
  • It is a story I can tell over and over again.
  • And while I’m writing this post, I can’t believe it was only this year.


  • I got to visit again Cebu in October and jumped my fears out in Canyoneering.
  • I got to explore Bangkok with old friends(resigned team mates) in November
  • Finally toured Intramuros in a bike (long time wish) twice this year via #ThrowBikeManila

While on instagram..

Life’s Ironies Part 2

The world is so big you can just easily get lost with which principles, beliefs or way of life to follow. It’s good to have an open mind that there’s more than just your little circle of life but sometimes it feels like life is also so much simpler if you just stick to that little circle of yours.

Our lives are like venn diagrams. Our life intercept to the others. And there’s only a couple of venn diagrams that we can accomodate in our life. Otherwise it will be a mess. Though if you look with a second eye into it, it could actually be an art. A messy life is an art. Now can everthing just fall into perspective? One’s perspective. Just like how you see a glass with half a water. Is it half empty or half full?

I wonder how some people can be strongly oppinionated on things. Meron ba silang pinaglalaban? Pinaghuhugutang karanasan? Well opinions are just opinions but there are times it comes to a point it’s already irritating like they are saying it as a fact. And they are making opinions like their lives have been so perfect and flawless.

Cebu 2015

Ang dami talagang pwede gawin sa Cebu. Isa na doon ay ang maghanap ng adventure. I’ve been to Cebu for 4 times na pero ang dami ko pa hindi nagagawa like visiting Cebu beaches (Camotes and Malapascua), Oslob and do swimming with the sharks. Meron din daw skydiving sa Cebu!

This year, ito yung mga natry namin:

1. Canyoneering! Oh goodness, I just did this yesterday! I still have muscle pains as of this writing. Konting pasa at gasgas lang naman. It’s definitely a thing to include in everyone’s bucketlist 😂. Lam mo yung yung feeling ng Free Fall sa isa sa ride ng EK? Medyo ganon yung feeling. Pero ito extreme kasi walang tali tali. Tatalon ka talaga on your own. Life vest lang at lakas ng loob! Mas ok kung may action cam na dala. Sobrang ganda along the way. There’s just so many natural wonders na ang ganda sana picture-an. Yung sana camera yung mga mata mo. Water is so clear nakakapagtaka. Woooooh amazing experience!

IMG_2323-0Tips though:

  1. Leave the city as early as you can. Roughly 3 hours yung travel time from City to the dop off point. Well, naka commute lang kami and maraming stops. If may service, siguro mas maiksi byahe. The whole activity will take at least 4 hours. Kyng madami kayo sa group (katulad namin na 17 kami), inabot kami halos ng 6-7 hours? Nagstart kami ng 1pm and duamting kami sa Kawasan Falls almost 5:30 pm. Madilim na and hindi na kami nakaligo sa Kawasan! I will come back there soon!
  2. Last bus trip from Alegria to the city is 8pm. Make sure you manage your time at nakaabang talaga kayo sa bu, otherwise, baka magovernight kayo ng wala sa oras.
  3. It’s suggested for girls to wear leggings para iwas gasgas.

2. Food Trip in IT Park! THE MUST TRY’s in IT PARK:

  1. Casa Verde, IT Park. Of course, Casa Verde is a must try pero tipid mode kasi kami on this trip! Make sure to try Brian’s Ribs!
  2. Siomai sa Tisa – I forgot to ask the people about the history of Siomai sa Tisa but what I noticed is that kahit sa Bus Station, meron ding “siomai sa Tisa”. 7Php per piece tapos sasabayan ng puso. Di lang pang merienda, kahit lunch or dinner na! Meron nabibilihan sa gilid ng IT Park 🙂 
  3. Paluto ng pancit canton/noodles/delata sa IT Park pa rin – Kung gusto mo naman yung mainit na sabaw ng noodles or pagkain ng fresh from the pot. Fresh kasi sina ate yung mag iinit ng gusto mong delata na ipaluto. 🙂 Best for midnight snacks ng mga Night Shifters. 
  4. And many more! Ang daming murang kainan. Yung tipong airconditioned tapos may live band pa taops yung meal mo, Php 60-80 lang? San ka pa!

3. Food Trip outside IT Park

  1. Larsian. It’s Cebu version of paluto Seaside pero majority ay barbeque(isaw, atay, chicken, chorizo, liempo then isda). Pati yung ambience parang Seaside kasi papasok ka pa lang e nag aagawan na yung mga mag aaok sayo na doon sa store nila kumain. Pork bbq as low as 5pesos. 👍👍👍. Super affordable! Nakailang ulit kami sa Larsian! Meron din daw iba pang kainan na ganito like Yakski kaso hindi 24 hours 🙂   
  2. Joed’s Lutong Hapon – somewhere near Sarrosa Hotel. Special Joed’s Maki is a must try!   
  3. Cebu Lechon – try Zubuchon or Maxwell’s Lechon Belly.

4. City Tour. Bakit nga ba laging may City Tour?  Well isn’t it interesting to know understand and feel even just a little bit of our history just by walking in the streets that our great anscestors also passed by. Cebu is very famous because it’s where the very first (Catholic) Christians were baptizes and where Magellan’s cross was erected. (Oh gosh I hope my history facts are right).

5. Pasalubong – You can buy pasalubong anywhere but our recommendation is still in Taboan. The price is lower than Pasalubong shops (like Island Pasalubong, Island Souvenir) and SM.


  • Chicharon made from CarCar – ito daw pinakamasarap as per our Cebu friends. We got CarCar price at 600 per kilo. Personally, ang sarap nga 🙂
  • Dried Fish – Danggit/Dried Pusit  at around 700 – 800 per kilo. Bumili ako sa Airport ng 1/8 kilo ng Danggit for 200 Pesos (that’s Php1600 per kilo)
  • Lechon Take Out – pwede magpadeliver and it will be packed good for travel. I forgot where we bought last year.
  • Dried Mangoes as low as 280 per kilo! Yung nabili namin, 360 per kilo. Price in Manila is around 1000 per kilo na.

Make sure you canvass first from the different stores. HIndi ba usually, kapag sa palengke tapos magkakatabi ang stores is pare pareho yung price? We found out hindi.. Meron kaming store na laging binibilhan sa Taboan. When we checked the next store, products are 20pesos to 50pesos lower than the other one. E nakapagabayad na kami??? :))

6. Side Trip – Temple of Leah

Near Langtaw and same way going to Tops. Masarap tumambay if you want to destress and magmunimuni.  
Accomodations: We stayed in MetroPark Hotel for 7 nights. Price for 2 is 950/night. It’s the most affordable hotel near IT Park. Service and place is not bad!

Taxi: We enjoyed GrabTaxi’s zero booking fee and 20 pesos off from the meter.

Internet speed: LTE’s peak, maxed at 17mbps. Nakakahiya naman sa PLDT speedd sa Manila

Daghang salamat, Cebu!

Letting Go vs Holding On

  I’m battling between resigning and flying overseas. I want to fly overseas so there would be no complications to the work that I will leave. Leaving the company for another will defintely have an after effect. And thinks that flying overseas will lessen the impact. But do I really need to consider all of these.  All I want now is to have time. Better yet, managing time. 6 yrs have gone but overtime is still there. Christmas work and New Year work is still there. Holiday work does not go away. What I want right now is to have more time with my parents, family and friends. More time to progress my Discipleship training. Spend Saturdays with worthwhile activities and not just catching up with sleep I did not have during the weekdays. I’m really praying for peace and direction 🙏

Life’s Ironies

Because my nature is a Yes-person and it burdens me when I disappoint people or I deliver below people’s expectations and yet I continue to disappoint God 😦 

Manila has recently achieved another milestone having the worst traffic! Good job. Tapos yung oras ng shift mo sabay na sabay sa rush hour.  
When the traffic seriously affects your motivation to go to work. Dang, is this even worth it?

When you feel physically tired, but then you cannot go on SL because it’s Month End Closing Day 1. Right, work again.

Thinking of renting a place near the office. Edi lalo nang um-OT tapos ang daming consequence.

Yung everyday, nagiiba yung gusto mong direksyon sa buhay (magresign, magibang bansa, magmissions, mag-aral).

Take 25

image Because I will only be 25 once.. and will only be 26 or 27 or 28. So does the rest of the world. But you know.. Age 25 is such a big deal. It’s like being 18 and you’ve reached the legal age. It’s like being 20 and you’re not a teenager anymore. 25.. It’s the age when most people throw the questions: Am I happy with the work I do? What do I really want? Should I study again? Hashtag Quarter Life Crisis. image But since I have a memory span shorter than a gold fish, I might as well try to document how my 25th year has been. It is definitely the year I have asked myself so many questions. The time I have asked people if they think I should quit my job, find a day shift job or NOT. The time I sent once again a letter of intent to do it. The time I was really convinced that I am really doing it this time but then gets swayed just after some time. The time that my stress went up to the highest level in accepting the most challenging role I’ve had in years. Most stressful heart breaking moment learning that your team mates slash closest friends are leaving the team at the same time. That moment I felt so stuck in the work I do. That if I don’t get out now, there’s no more way out. But you know, you get over it. image It is truly the age of wondering and wandering. The year that kept me thinking. I have even collected a series of notepads unpublished. So much uncertainties. You’re not sure what career path to pursue. Are you willing to risk what you’ve established already for something you’ve been wanting to cross. You’ve been very careful with your decisions and now you’re at crossroads: do you take the unknown path versus the safe one? image But life goes on. You still plan the rest of your year with no assurance whether these plans will push through. And who would have thought! In this journey called work, I’ve learned so much. Here’s a list of 25:

  1. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
  2. Tell me and I might forget, show me and I might remember, involve me and I’ll understand.
  3. If we always do what we’ve always done, we will always get what we’ve always gotten.
  4. Let the stakeholders know the plans.
  5. Learn the difference between assertiveness vs aggressiveness.
  6. Fake it til you make it.
  7. Don’t be too shy to write up what you’ve done in your performance.
  8. Know a person’s social styles to influence them.
  9. It is always a matter of making the decision and making things done
  10. It is OK to fail. At least you can get up again fresh and new.
  11. You take control of your career.
  12. Travel is not just a whim and it’s more than just a reward to self. There’s so much more to it.
  13. It’s all about mind setting.
  14. It’s all about setting expectations and meeting them(yours and others’).
  15. Sometimes you, win sometimes you lose.
  16. As Kobe says, you miss 100% of the shoots you don’t take.
  17. Make friends, not enemies. Consulting is all about networking.
  18. Learning is investing. Learning never stops. You will never know everything.
  19. Delegate.
  20. There’s always a better way of saying things.
  21. Know your English.
  22. Cross cultural knowledge is a skill.
  23. If you’re sick, take that frggin Sick Leave. Your health matters more than missing a single task.
  24. Trabaho lang. Walang personalan. And lastly….
  25. Don’t stress yourself out over things you cant control.

That’s why I will take this wandering and wondering a break. And will probably take a long break.. From work. And because I don’t have control over these, let’s stop the worrying.

My 2014 New Year Adventure


This is the first time that I welcomed New Year in the City… the first time that I celebrated it not in the place where I grew up.. the first time not with my whole family. Well, it wasn’t how I dreamed and imagined it. I imagined (and planned) of bringing my whole family here in Manila! Maybe it was just God’s will not to. My brother and I were supposed to stay at Harbor Square so, you know, I can make a quick run at home should there be any urgent work. We ended up at Mall of Asia because Harbor Square was closed. It was a large New Year crowd. The place was known for its fireworks, right? But I wasn’t able to see it! Because just a few seconds after 2014 ticked, I received a call out(my 3rd on-call work) that day. How timely! We were able to dine in a restaurant with a free wifi but very slow! The office broadband stick was useless. Was just able to check my emails. We started walking. I was willing to walk all the way from MOA to Vito Cruz because there was no public transportation at all and I really really really needed to go home and connect to the internet! What could have I expected on the eve of New Year?!  When I saw a tricycle(of all!) looking for passengers, I was like “I’ll pay whatever it takes” at that time. And just at the nick of time, I was like 12 minutes before the escalation call. I just don’t have enough words to describe the work I had to do while I bid goodbye to 2013 and welcomed 2014. I took my first Sick Leave the next day by the way.. the supposedly official first working day of the year.

Thank you my brotha for having to stay in Manila for New Year’s Eve because of me!

On a side note, it was also the first time I saw  people rushed because of stray fireworks. :S Yeah! I tried googling the incident it but I only saw a few tweets about that. I guess MOA has its ways of… #youknowwhatimean.