Dubai, Marinduque and Tomorrow with You

So this weekend unexpectedly became productive. Reached home 🏡 around 2PM and that’s pretty late already. We were at the local public market and I was, once again, deep on my thoughts. It was probably 15 mins of deep thoughts that happen from to time whenever I’m home. It’s also probably one of the reasons why I (we) keep coming back. Aside, Of course, to visit the family. It’s where I grew up. And coming back keeps us to our tracks. It keeps us grounded. It’s where I spent more than half of my life. And in few more years, it would be the other way around : more than half of my life I’ve been living in Manila.
What I’d tell my younger self, hey, just chill and enjoy life. It would be nice to improve some parts of my life but buti na lang there’s no such thing. We can only live in the present. 
We went back home with all the inihaw na isaw, lomi and dynamite and found our cousins (from Manila) dropping by including the newly weds from last week. I was anxious at some moments cause I had to act as the panganay and entertain them. We aren’t really close that I’m running out of topics to talk to them. Thank goodness my father came to the rescue. Anyways, it was again a talk of what’s next in life. Lives we could have lived or lives we could still choose to live. One of them is the one who helped out my older brother to settle in Dubai. And who has been encouraging me as well to go to Dubai for work. And she who even filed a VL just to tour me and friends in Dubai when I went there late last year. My thoughts about working in Dubai is whole another chunk of story. Let’s park that for now. 
Sunday morning, I rejected coming with my parents to a (far) relative’s funeral. Lola Azon. She used to tutor us when we were in our Elem days? Why I did not come? There are some reasons I even don’t wanna write here because they’re petty selfish reasons. But one of ’em really is because I don’t know anyone there and just the thought of again mingling to people I’m supposed to be acquainted with for the longest time, until now I don’t know them, is tiring me. 
In the afternoon, I was watching Episode 2 of Tomorrow With You. I know the lead female, Shin Min Ah. The On My Venus girl and My girlfriend is a Gumiho lead. I even saw her Mighty Princess movie. I was struggling the past week because I didn’t have any ongoing Drama to watch. I’m restraining myself now in binge watching finished stories. I’d rather wait each week. I get to appreciate the stories better anyway. So now, I’m watching Tomorrow With You, Voice and Missing 9. 
And there’s also me really wanting to buy a car. Really struggling wether I’d buy a sedan, a city car, a 7 seater car or a second hand one. I have already filtered it to buying a sedan but now I’m messed up again and confused. 
Our Tito gave us a surprise visit. And it was lovely and entertaining. He lives in Marinduque but went to Manila to work on papers. He was staying in Marikina in his daughter’s house and was supposed to head back to Marinduque but he had to wait few more days to wait for his papers to be released. 
Why am I really writing all these. Because my memory can only remember that much and these are the moments whose details I want to keep. It was lovely because he is my mom’s brother. Who, by his story, only graduated high school BUT he is full of knowledge and wisdom. That’s beside from the fact that he could talk and entertain you with stories all day. I loved it because I learned a little more about my mother, her childhood and the Pielago lineage. There are stories about Lolo Tano who I don’t think I sver met in my childhood. I think he went to heaven before we were born. That story when Lolo Tano only earned 30P a day in the 40s/50s and had to feed a family enough to be a basketball team. My mom’s family is that big that the eldest sister my mom have is old enough to be their mom. And my mom is the youngest. That our Lolo Tano was very wise then. That people used to come to ask for his help not financially but for legal advises. How he acquired lands in Marinduque by exchanging a rooster. My father even shared how a moutain in the vicinitay of Taal Lake is called Smthing like Mt Isa Saya because the land was exchanged for 1 skirt (“saya”). There’s that story when Lolo Tano would come offering help in preparing food for the weekends and bring home chicken ass and pig ass and he’d ask Lola to clean them very well and that’s what they’d eat. And how funny they say that’s how all the Pielago siblings have become too talktive. Now that I think about it, ALL of them are legit talkative. And it also makes me wonder how me and my siblings will be after 10, 20, 30 yrs. 🙄 

Tito shared about the advises he gave Ate about dating and how he personally entertained Ate Gay’s manliligaw back then and now her husband. How Kuya ended up in Marinduque when he’s originally from Negros. Entertaining to hear story how a man asks for a daughter’s hand from her father. 

He also reminded us how we should be thankful of the life we have. 

It’s lovely to see Daddy chatting. Anyways, we came to a point that we talked about Mama. Theorizing how she became like she is now. And I really admire Tito’s insights and he gets it. And he cares for Mama. So the thought of visiting Marinduque came to light. True that we’re old enough to be more involved in my family’s affairs. And I want to plan our visit to Marinduque this instant. And wishing we have a car to bring. So we could side trip siteseeing the island. It’s been 5 yrs already since our last visit. 


Traffic Manila

Why I choose to rent near my workplace? It’s the frustration of congested traffic and the lack of option for fast transportation. Haaaaay. So much waiting time being wasted. 

Where to Eat in Taal, Batangas

I’ve only been to one restaurant in Taal. Cafe G is located near the Taal Basilica along the national Highway. If you are not from Taal, you can ask the locals 🙂

It has good ambiance and wide variety of menu. They also serve coffee and cakes. Medyo matagal nga lang magserve.


Cafe G, Taal

Cafe G, Taal

You can also try Batangas Lomi. There are Lomi Houses within walking distance in front of the church.  Just also ask the locals where you can find Lomi. These are legit Batangas Lomi, the best Lomi in the world :p

In the next town, Lemery, you can also try  Bahay Kainan. It serves Filipino food and price is very affordable. Ambiance is also good.

Bahay Kainan, Lemery

Bahay Kainan, Lemery

Bahay Kainan, Lemery

Bahay Kainan, Lemery

Other places near Taal:

This side of Batangas is Agoncillo and is just adjacent to Taal Lake. It’s the far end of the lake where you see the fish cages.

Taal Lake, Subic Ilaya, Agoncillo, Batangas

Taal Lake, Subic Ilaya, Agoncillo, Batangas

This is on the way to Tagaytay via the Talisay Road. It has beautiful view of Taal from down the road beside the Lake going up to Tagaytay.


Agoncillo - Laurel Road

Agoncillo – Laurel Road


This one is Taalena Reataurant and is in Tagaytay. It is overlooking to the Taal Volcano.


Garden Wedding @ Taalena, Tagaytay


Taal Volcano

View from Taalena Restaurat in Tagaytay

Applying for LTO Student Driver’s License

I applied in LTO – Taal Branch. It took me 3 hours to complete the process.

It costed me a total of 518 Pesos. 318 Pesos for the student license fee  + 200 Pesos for the Medical Fee.

Sorry, I took a wrong picture! Renewal paa ito. Anyway, the process is also the same except for the fee mentioned below.

 lto student license process 


Crazy excited on what God has in store for me. He has been blessing me so much for the past 26 and a half years and I know there’s more to come. He is never lacking. He is overflowing sufficient.

And to my future partner in life. It’s okay for me to wait. Because I know that I’m not yet ready too. I still have a lot of growing to do. And I need to take this time to enjoy the good life the Lord has made. And that I need to make use of this time to savor the moment with my parents and siblings. 

6 Years of Love Hate Relationship

Six Years na kami ni Accenture. And going stronger? Who would have thought.

When I was still an SE, I once told a friend “Hindi ako magpapaabot ng TL” dito. Guess what, now I’m an Associate Manager.

Ano bang nangyari in the past six years? Minsan nasasabi ko, 6 yrs na pala yun? Minsan naman nasasabi ko, 6 years pa lang ba? Kasi feeling ko ang tagal tagal ko na nagwowork.

Tinatanong ng marami, “what makes you stay?” Ano nga ba? There’s definitely a long list of reasons why I would want to explore opportunities outside, but I guess the list of reasons to stay and grow in Accenture is longer.

Ilang beses na akong nagheads up na plano ko na umalis. E laging hindi natutuloy. By the time na andun na ko sa inestimate kong panahon, nagbago na naman yung ihip ng hangin.


Well there are also your friends who are more than just office mates. People who you talk to, seat with everyday and share your life with.

There’s the continuous learning. There’s that what makes you feeling accomplished kahit pagod.

Weird thing is, when you’re in Accenture, it can mold you, it can make you focus on your career journey. Sa dami ba namang mentors and coaches sa paligid and people who inspire you to do better. You have to be ready to accept the challenges and accept the opportunities that come your way. Yun nga lang, it could take majority of your time. It takes a little sacrifice. Sabi nga ng notebook ko,

No Great achievement is possible without persistence

 Insert amazed face. Bow.

2015 in Retrospect

 So let’s start with ALDUB. Aldub craze started in July and I will not deny that almost half of my year was filled with Aldub fangirling. There’s undeniably a kilig factor to the the accidental love team, you know.

Those saturdays where I wake up as early as 12 NN when my usual wake up time is 2 to 3 pm. Those Saturdays that I don’t commit to any plans because I need to watch Aldub in Live TV. Hoho. Well at least it has subsided by now because Tamang Panahon has already happened. And yesterday, Tamang Panahon was on replay, Gaaah! It felt so fresh!

And as for my Maine-fangirling: Nabasa ko sa isang magazine, Maine represents the young women of today who have their own aspirations and insecurities. Doesn’t it make sense? Hehehe

Sabi pa ulit sa magazine: there are 5 common themes that explain why people are hooked on Aldub: tuwa, pagiging Pilipino, kilig, community and breath of fresh air.

TV series has probably played a role for me to cope up with stress and to forget work while I’m at home. There’s chasing life, htgwm, Jane the Virgin, Walking dead, The 100.

I’m particualry heartbroken that Chasing Life was not renewed for Season 2. My “if life is a book” it would be To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. My “if life is a movie” it would be What If. Well, my “if life is a series” it would be Chasing Life. Why? Maybe because at some point in my life, I wanted to be a writer. Like a real professional writer.

While in The 100, It crushed my heart that they had to kill Finn. He’s my favorite character.. And I ship him for Clarke. Hehe. Well the same way they kiled Leo in Chasing Life. Yeah, they just kill off characters like that.

On the otherhand, I am still torn between #TeamMichael and #TeamRafael for Jane as to who’s the best guy for her. You know, both are perfect guys. Gaaaah. I hope not to be in same position of her in the future. Hahaha

I am happy that I got time to blog this year. Compared to the past 6 years that I am working. 22 posts this year!  And I still hve lots in my backlog, SG-MY trip, throwbike MNL, BKK Trip, Batulao climb. And those scribbles filed in my google keep and ios notes.

My key thoughts this year: It is to be appreciative of what you have. It is to acknowledge that there’s no perfect life. And that you make your own sadness or happiness on the better side of it. You cannot force people to stay with your side because they have to move on with life (or career). You can keep in touch but you should not be trapped on the past happy and/or comfortable life you’ve had. And true happiness you will not find with endless shopping or with countless parties or weekend hangouts or travel, true happiness really, you’ll find it in the Lord. That Victory HoleHearted Series will always be relevant. Everything under the sun is vanity of vanities.

On other news..

  • Our youngest have graduated this year and now a working professional. Hooray for our parents!
  • I had a ticket to Sydney, Australia but never got there because I had a problem with Visa requirements. I have a scar in my lungs. And it means terribly long process and waiting. I tried to convince myself that I just lost in an investment so I could forget how much the ticket was.
  • I had 3 weeks planned vacation and was supposed to be my long awaited break since the major projects went live.
  • A week before the expected flight, I knew I wont make it. And because I was so depressed, I booked right away 2 tickets to Singapore. My budget for Australia turned into a Graduation gift for my sister.
  • 3 from my team resigned this year and 1 was rolled off
  • And it was a major shake to the team
  • This year marked my lowest point in my career. I was so tired and unmotivated I had a random attack that I told my boss that I was quitting.
  • And everyone on my next in line was also planning to quit. That I had no one to fill me in and maybe was the reason I almost got the lowest rating this year.
  • It was because after a major project exited this year, everyone was burnt out.
  • And I cannot do anything about it.
  • Was torn between unguiltly leaving or a self destruct staying
  • But you know, life goes on. And when people leave, new people come.
  • And I guess it’s true that there’s no trial that will be given to you that you cannot overcome.
  • A few months after, the team was able to bounce back. And so have I.
  • There was so much team effort. It was indeed a journey. And it’s a short journey that will be pinned in my timeline.
  • It is a story I can tell over and over again.
  • And while I’m writing this post, I can’t believe it was only this year.


  • I got to visit again Cebu in October and jumped my fears out in Canyoneering.
  • I got to explore Bangkok with old friends(resigned team mates) in November
  • Finally toured Intramuros in a bike (long time wish) twice this year via #ThrowBikeManila

While on instagram..

Happy New Year!

At the moment..

Yung 2 years ago, sa MoA kami nag New Year’s Eve. Tapos this year nasa MoA ang Kapuso Countdown to 2016. E andun si Alden :))

Yung 2 new years ago, nakikisabay sa paputok yung pagtawag ng High Incident ticket from Brazil. 

Yung last year, sa office nga pala kami sumalubong ng New Year.

Yung lahat ng usok nasa harap ng bahay namin pero di naman kami nagpapaputok.

Yung umuulan na New Year!

Yung thankful ako kasi at least, kahit semi working ako e nasa bahay ako!

Cheers to 2016!


Why You Should Invest on Quality Earphones

Why you should invest on good brands of quality earphones? I just had my 4 mos old phone repaired on a non service center. Part of the audio jack was stuck in the port. 

1st off, the case was outside the warranty. Secondly, their service center does not replace that particular part of the phone. I tried googling and found this:

But I didn’t want to take chances and break the phone completely. My phone got fixed for 1000 pesos on a mall phone repair shops. Basically, according to the shop, it’s hard and maybe impossible to remove the stuck audio jack and so they replaced the whole part (includes charger socket, speaker and audio jack) from a broken spare phone they have in their store. 

So I guess, I had to bid goodbye to the remaining 8 months warranty than not be able to use my phone to play music and call someone at all. 

So why you should invest on quality earphones or maybe at least check the earphones you are to use so you can avoid the same thing that happened to me!