A not so open letter to whoever..


I consider myself as a servant leader. At least that’s what my school has really imparted me.. that leadership is serving. Makes me feel (somehow) good that I still do the things I used to do when I was an ASE. Though I know that’s one of the reasons why I’m not efficient with my time. Sometimes I think, if I’d change my career, I’d rathet be an executive assistant. I want to do big stuff and great things but just as a support to someone who’s really great. Great in decision making, handling conflicts, generating ideas, motivating people, etc.

Being in the frontline, like I do now, is never my comfortzone. Even if I get to speak in front of clients (via call) in a wekly basis, I still get the choke. I grew up being an introvert. And the career Im taking requires me to be an extrovert. I’ve somehow come to meet it halfway. So somehow, I consider myself an ambivert.

Right now, I just want a new environment and expand my knowledge. I don’t wanna dread myself later with What if’s and What could have been’s.




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