Movie #4: Werewolf Boy (2012)

A Korean movie starring Song Joong Ki and Park Bo-Young     


Descendants of the Sun Review

If I will be asked between typical and not typical, I’d choose the latter. I guess people are just inclined to the non typical type of stories and that’s where DOTS fit in.

How is DoTS not typical?

For the most Kdramas I’ve watched, I have seen scenes more than once where the leading woman is caught between 2 men and both are just so adorable. Well sometimes, the unchosen one is more deserving than the other (Falling for Innocence, Lovers in Paris). Tragic Love Stories such as Memories of Bali and 49 Days. There are definitely lots of the Cinderella type of kdramas. Sometimes the plot is a about the rich male / poor lady agony or vice versa (Shining Inheritance, Boys over Flowers). Another cliche story is when a girl  covers up to be a man (Sangkyunkwan Scandal, Coffee Prince, He’s Beautiful).

And DoTS gave me a fresh korean plot.

Is it love at first sight? I think not. Maybe,  they were attracted to each other at first sight but it wasnt love.

Leading man is adorable, charming and direct to the point. No more running around the bush. He knows what he wants and he’s confident with what he wants.

Descendants of the Sun It’s a Military(korean) soldier and a surgeon love story and how the girl really likes the guy but she has hesitations and reservations because of his line of work.

By the time I started watching DOTS, I ditched all my american series because i got Yoo Si Jin absorbed. Every episode of DOTS is a rollercoaster ride.

Episode 1

  • We saw Sin Jin in casual attires and he looked damn pretty on all his outfit
  • We saw Si Jin topless. Bakit di na naulit? Char!
  • Ep 1 pa lang and it already makes your heart flutter all through out.
  • In this first episode, Si Jin had to stand her up on their supposedly first date
  • Their meeting was also cute. Not somthing I’ve seen anywhere.
  • Chosen OST are always on point and I think the OSTs play a big role
  • The helicopter pick up makes him legit haha
  • The action scenes are not to cringe for, they are not ridculous action scenes.
  • You get curious with Seo Dae Young and Myeong Yun Joo’s love story.

Rewatching it over and over again you’ll find loop holes in the scenes and acting haha. Like how can a member of the alpha team of the Special Forces not know why they had to take off identificarion tags and where they are being deployed!

Descendants of the Sun
Episode 2

  • They successfully established how ironic their line of works are. KMY saves lives while YSJ deals with death to keep peace
  • That waiting scene and showing up 2 hrs before their date was kilig! I saw a video in youtube commenting that a man showing up 2 hrs earlier is impolite! Wel if it’s YSJ, it never is!
  • They had their first date but KMY got stood up again
  • KMY rejects YSJ the first time. I think she was just really emotional that time and why she had to reject him at the time

Descendants of the Sun
To be continued..

Descendants of the Sun showing in the Philippines

My little sister and I are both fans of Series but she’s never a fan of Korean Drama. From time to time I do a hiatus in watching them because you know, it keep me up til the sun is up. This time, I finally convinced my siter to watch one!

How did I know this Kdrama?  Saw friends who keep on reposting this. Then I saw that GMA7 will also be showing it. I thought it will be a heavy serious drama or something I wouldnt like because of the impression the title gives you. But it’s not!

So while the iron is hot, I’m doing a write up of Descendants of the Sun. I saw it somewhere that it will be a normal 16 episode series and as of this writing, the latest episode is Episode 10 and is finale is set by 1st week of April. So I’m not sure when GMA7 plans to release it and on which slot.

What makes this Korean drama stand out? At least for me, it’s a new setting. It’s a military centred romance between a Soldier and a Surgeon who were bound by destiny as they meet the second time in a not so romantic place, the field. They struggle their feelings while they’re between a natural disaster, epidemic and a run against bad guys.
I could totally understand the perspective of a woman why she’d hesitate at first or was feeling confused and reject him a couple of times. Not once but everytime they are on a middle of a date, our leading man has to be summoned somewhere, calling of his work. And through out the story, she learns that his role requires him to be always risking his life and will be away from her most of the time if they will end up together. Of course I’m a fan of happy endings. I hope that she’ll join the army as an army doctor and that they could be together more.

Episode 1 will make you hooked to the screen and will make you want to finish the next 10 episodes. It’s light, funny and the characters are very charming! I beleieve Episode 1 was a total hit. The story is fast paced. It’s not boring and they have chemistry on first sight. There’s kilig overload.

These are my favorite scenes from Episode 1. And here goes Si Jin’s obsessive staring.

descendants of the sun

The first time they meet each other


descendants of the sun

When Si Jin asks MoYeo for a date on the spot

Episode 2

Kang Mo Yeon rejects SinJin for the first time

Episode 3


descendants of the sun

Minefield scene

descendants of the sun

Big Boss gets rejected the second time

descendants of the sun

Talk about a beautiful disaster

Episode 4


Every episode is just the most intense episode so far. This one is epic!

Si Jin’s character is too straight forward. I guess it’s all the girls’ weakness when men are being too straightforward and you know and feel that he’s honest and not there to fool around.


I like the flow of the story that it’s NOT the typical stories I’ve read and watched over and over again. At least they are focused on a love story where there’s no love triagle or complicated foursome love twist.

Oh by the way, the OSTs are amazing. Yung di mo kailangang maintindihan para maramdaman yung kanta. I’ve been playing them for a week already 😉

Movie #3: Daddy Long Legs (2005)

Wow, the anime version was from 1990. It was shown in local TV (ABS-CBN) before and was my favorite cartoon as a kid. Ito ata nagmulat sakin sa mga love stories. Anyway, the Korean version was shown in 2005 and has almost the same plot where the protagonist has an unknown benefactor and which she called as Daddy Long Legs.

After watching the Korean movie, I was like “Yun na yun?” Maybe I just expected more.

100 Movie Challenge

“I’ve been waiting for the right guy to come along, ang then you show up. You are nothing like the man I imagined but the truth is fighting with you is the best thing that happened to me.. And there’s a good chance I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Because iOS doesn’t have a Blogger App, I will be posting this here for now.

I’ve been boring myself on chickflicks on the last few weekends now so why not take the 100 Movie challenge this year.

1st Movie: 27 Dresses 

So I’ve seen this movie before and it just kind of made it to my favorite movies. I suddenly wanted to watch it again. Light. Cheeky. Or Cheesy. There it is again, a writer character, a wedding in the plot.. And that blackberry thing kind of triggered me to really want a blackberry back then in college. I have a feeling it’s really an advertisement from BB 😬

Why You Should Invest on Quality Earphones

Why you should invest on good brands of quality earphones? I just had my 4 mos old phone repaired on a non service center. Part of the audio jack was stuck in the port. 

1st off, the case was outside the warranty. Secondly, their service center does not replace that particular part of the phone. I tried googling and found this:

But I didn’t want to take chances and break the phone completely. My phone got fixed for 1000 pesos on a mall phone repair shops. Basically, according to the shop, it’s hard and maybe impossible to remove the stuck audio jack and so they replaced the whole part (includes charger socket, speaker and audio jack) from a broken spare phone they have in their store. 

So I guess, I had to bid goodbye to the remaining 8 months warranty than not be able to use my phone to play music and call someone at all. 

So why you should invest on quality earphones or maybe at least check the earphones you are to use so you can avoid the same thing that happened to me!

#AldubEBTamangPanahon overload

Just amazing!

  • Apat na oras ng pure good vibes
  • Yung kitang kita mo sa audience na hindi lang pang teenager or babae ang fans at kinikilig sa Aldub, mula bata hanggang matanda, babae or lalaki, Nanay Tatay ate at kuya lahat na
  • Ang galing ng Production!
  • Ang galing nung mahigit 5 minutes pure advertisement pero hindi nakakainis. <insert commercials during Pacquiao fights>. Alam mong advertisement pero super entertaining!
  • Yung akala mo tapos na pero dami pa pasabog.
  • Yung naamaze ka sa success nila. Less than 4 months tapos yan na. Sold out 55K ticket seats in just days!
  • Yung ang laki ng baragaining power na nacreate nila
  • Yung win win sa lahat ng bagay. Naibabalik ang OPM tapos naghahatid ng kilig
  • Phenomena talaga! ❤️❤️

#ThowBikeManila Ep 04

What if our city could feel more like an exciting weekend?
Sabi ni Julia Nebrija Nebrija sa #99ULocalMNL, we are proud to be Filipinos but how often do we say “I love Manila”? Para naman maiba, let’s re(re)Discover beauty and poetry on a bamboo bike within our nation’s capital.
Here are some highlights from our TBMNL Ep.04 tour:

✓ Bamboo Bike Adventure within and on the adobe walls of the original MNL

✓ Key Bike Stops and Stories: The original Km Zero @ Manila Cathedral, Government Efforts for Restoration @ Maestranza Arsenal Tunnel, Poverty and Devotion Sampaguita Ice cream @ Illustrado & Why we build walls @ Puerta Real Gardens

✓ “Bahay na bato and kalesa” stories from Silahis Artifacts,

✓ Nityalila’s letter reminder to keep pedalling and that a bike is a tool for change.

✓ Grab a Jeep to Binondo Chinatown,

✓ Fried Dumplings, Congee, Soy Chicken, Hawak & more Dimsum @ Wai Ying,

✓ Fresh Fruits and Fried Siopao at Ongpin,

✓ Arkitektura Manila stories by Paolo B. over Avocado Ice cream @ Big Scoop

✓ Escolta Saturday Market Awesome finds: Magnet board, custom bookmarks and more stuff hoarded by Tel

✓ Earlier Manila & FUB Museum Vintage Collections

✓ The state of our Architecture and Heritage Conservation issues @ Capitol Theatre

✓ 98B Artist stories and events in helping revive Escolta’s former glory through arts

✓ Adaptive Reuse & The Future of our heritage @ Juan Luna Viewing Deck

✓ Search for beauty and poetry within the city all throughout.
“In behalf of the Philippine Climate Pilgrims, maraming maraming salamat sa inyong suporta at pakikiisa. Thank you for your solidarity.
Keep pedalling. Connect with people. Share your stories. Listen to stories. Discover the truth, the beauty and the ugly. The bike is a tool, a tool for progress, for healing, for change. You only have to take that first pedal, that one move, to create that ripple of change you want. And that starts with you. Mabuhay kayong lahat! Cheers!”

–, Ep 04 Featured story. Proceeds from the Ep. 04 tour will help Nitya in raising funds for her participation to the People’s Pilgrimage for the Planet from Rome to Paris.
Sa October na ulit yung next! Heritage, Adventure & FOOD. To receive updates on the next schedule and experience a different weekend in your city, sign up at
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throwbikemanila Intramuros

Photos credits to Rae Kenept Alegado  

What I wanna tell my kids about the Papal Visit in 2015

In my textbooks, there are definitely lines and stories there about visits of the pope in the Philippines. And when my kids will ask me about it, the story would be:

It was a historic 5 straight days Holiday (January 15-19, 2015).
Streets were closed including the street were we lived in. It was closed for 5 days.
Streets were wiped out. No pedicabs, street children neither the homeless men.
I was in a cab from SM Makati to McKinley when the pope has arrived. Kuya Driver an I were listening to the minute by minute broadcast. I felt goosebumps. Though im not a Catholic.
In the whole duration, there were times I’d feel something about the visit.
Lots of my friends(at least facebook told me so), they went to see the Pope. Friends i didnt expect theyd do it. Stand with the crowd, wait for hours and just get a glimpse of the Papa.
His visit brings hope to many people. Ans probably reminder and revival to the Catholics. Just as long that people should not worship him as he is only an instrument as well by God. Glory should be God’s and not the Pope’s.