Gu Jun Pyo and Boys Before Flowers

Lee Min Ho

Gu Jun Pyo1

He plays the role of Gu Jun Pyo in the Hana Yori Dango Korean Version Boys over Flowers. Also known as Dao Min Ahse in Meteor Garden – Taiwan version which aired the earliest and known as Domyouji in Hana Yori Dango – Japanese Version where the manga series HYD really originated.

The series is based on the Japanese Shojo Manga Series Hana Yori Dango by Yoko Kamio. It has been aired in live action by Taiwan in their version of Meteor Garden. This is the first version that really caught the attention of Asian girls. The Boyband F4 was really a hit then. I’m a self – confessed MG and F4 fan when I was in highschool. ^^ Meteor Garden was a phenomenon way back then.  It was followed by a sequel which I didnt really like.

The second version was released by Japan with the storyline more based(i think) on the original manga. Im not sure but I think there a lot in MG that are just add ons compared to the original. It was not that a hit in the Philippines although I also got fond of watching it when I was in 1st year College. I was also able to watch the Hana yori Dango The Movie recently.

The third version released by Korea entitled Boys before Flowers seems to be becoming a hit although it just started to air at ABS CBN’s PRIMETIME Bida. I have been hearing a lot of good feedback from my friends and schoolmates and acquaintances.  The Korean Version is more patterned in the Meteor Garden. There are only a few that are highlighted with better twists and turns.  I would give the actors a high five because even if I already know the story, they still make me crave for each episode and want me to watch more. Each episode excites me. Good things I’ve already finished it. haha.  For me the Korean version is better than the Taiwan version.

Actors are good(although the actors in the others versions are also good)

They are good looking esp Lee min Ho:)

They added more twists and turns from the MG scenes.

They can connect to the viewers. There are times that I get really mad on the tv because of the scenes. I also get kilig. It’s also a good move that they made in the show that Ji Hoo/Lei also loves Jan Di/San Chai. I pity him a lot. I also had an instance when Im saying, “kay Ji Hoo ka nalang cos he’s always at Jan Di’s side during here worst”. haay.

love the drama!

i just noticed that season 2 of meteor garden was put together in the last episode(eps 25) of Boys over Flowers.

Not a good start for episode 25. The ending was so-so. At least it didn’t go below my expectations.

BTW, there are speculations that ABS-CBN will be producing HYD Philippines. err. I wonder who the casts will be. they better make it good. hoping its not kim chu who already portrayed the lead role in the Filipino version of mygirl. Im eyeing for Sarah! haha. I remember Very Special Love and You changed my life. I think she’ll be suited  in the role of JanDi/SanChair since  HYD is a Romatic Comedy series.


34 thoughts on “Gu Jun Pyo and Boys Before Flowers

  1. LoL..i also think korean version is better than Taiwanese version, i prefer MG than MG2, coz it lil bit bored..


  2. I ENJOYED MYSELF WHILE WATCHING BOYS OVER FLOWERS! the story is really great. It was so romantic! and you were learned a lot of things


  3. sumpah…pemain di boys before flower cowonya ganteng2 semua apa lagi gu jun pyo aduhhhh?ganteng bgt moga karir nya sukses ya salam buat semua ya?


  4. I just love the character GU JUN PYO.The way he smile, gets angry, gets irritated, his way of expressing love & many more……………………..I wish in my life in real i will meet him and touch him once….. love u GU JUN PYO


  5. I dont know the language but M listening the songs of BOYS OVER FLOWER.I just love the character of GU JUN PYO.Everything he does in the movie i just love it


  6. I wish to meet GU JUN PYO once in my life in real. Gu jun pyo is the man that i wish to have in my life as my soulmate my husband.


  7. agree with you:) BOF is better than Meteor Garden! hahaha but I think Hana Dan from Japan is the best πŸ˜€


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