New Perspective

“It’s so unfair.” This was my line after I was not promoted last year.

I’ve been asking and analyzing and thinking… what must have been the reason? I’ve been waiting for the answer but actually the answer was plain and simple: It’s just a matter of timing. It’s just God’s calendar. It teaches us to be patient. “His delays are not denials.”

We just have to be our best everyday and not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (Mt 6:34). Work indeed is molding me. Being where I am, what I’m doing right now, what I am experiencing, what I’m going through: these all have its own purpose.  For quite some time, I’ve been too concentrated to the what-I-do-not-have. Hindi ko na naaapreciate kung ano yung mga positive things around me.  Let’s do it this 2011. Sabi nga sa kantang  I Will Go ng Starfield,

I will go, I will go
I will go, Lord send me
To the world, To the lost
To the poor and hungry
Take everything I am
I’m clay within your hands
I will go, I will go, send me

Let me not be blind with privilege
Give me eyes to see the pain
Let the blessing You’ve poured out on me
Not be spent on me in vain
Let this life be used for change

Credits: Word4Utoday // January6.


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