Where To Eat at Taft on a Sunday

Where to eat at Taft on Sundays

Taft Avenue is pretty quiet during Sundays. Not to mention, only a few restaurants and coffee shops are open. It’s always our victory group’s agony where to eat. Here’s my personal list of where to go and stay at Taft to chill, eat or have coffee on a Sunday πŸ™‚

  1. Alfonso’s Cafe – Serves mostly Filipino Dishes and coffee (both hot and cold).
    Location: Grand Towers, along P. Ocampo St.
    Store Hours: until 10PM on Sundays

2. Army Navy or Yellow Cab

Location:Vito Cruz Taft
Store Hours: until 11PM on Sunday

3. Starbucks Torre Lorenzo

Location: Torre Lorrenzo 1 Taft cor. P. Ocampo St.
Store Hours: until 1AM on Sundays

  1. Duke’s Coffee (formerly Coffee Prince)

Location: Grand Towers, P. Ocampo St.
Store Hours: until 11PM on Sundays

  1. Zark’s
  2. Noriter

Location: Estrada St., cor. Taft Avenue (vito cruz)
Store Hours:

  1. Burger King

Location: Vito Cruz Taft
Store Hours: until 9 PM

  1. McDo Vito Cruz Taft

Location: Vito Cruz Taft
Store Hours: open 24 hours

9. Samgypusalamat

Location: Kapitan Ticong, Malate, Manila
Store Hours: open until 12MN


10. Wai Ying Taft Branch

Location: GF EGI Building, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila
Store Hours: 7AM to 1AM

11. Cafe Travel

Location: Yung dating Zark’s. 2nd floor of where YellowCab and Army Navy Vitocruz branch are located.
Store Hours: They’re definitely open every Sundays but I’ll check the time. πŸ™‚

They only serve cakes and coffee.

You may want to check out #cafetravel in Instagram for more pictures.


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