Why You Should Invest on Quality Earphones

Why you should invest on good brands of quality earphones? I just had my 4 mos old phone repaired on a non service center. Part of the audio jack was stuck in the port. 

1st off, the case was outside the warranty. Secondly, their service center does not replace that particular part of the phone. I tried googling and found this:


But I didn’t want to take chances and break the phone completely. My phone got fixed for 1000 pesos on a mall phone repair shops. Basically, according to the shop, it’s hard and maybe impossible to remove the stuck audio jack and so they replaced the whole part (includes charger socket, speaker and audio jack) from a broken spare phone they have in their store. 

So I guess, I had to bid goodbye to the remaining 8 months warranty than not be able to use my phone to play music and call someone at all. 

So why you should invest on quality earphones or maybe at least check the earphones you are to use so you can avoid the same thing that happened to me!


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