Malaysia: 12 hour Layover

On our flight back from Singapore to Manila, we had a 12 hour layover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What can be done in 12 hours?

Right after arrival, we explored KL airport and bought a sim card. Then we rode the KLIA express. The train ride is 30 minutes from airport to KL Central Station.

We met a friend who toured us around and ate early lunch at the mall adjacent to the station. KL central is the station that connects to different parts of Malaysia (inlcuding the airport). We tried Nando’s which is an original in MY. Chicken is superb! I heard there’s a Manila branch already.

We went straight to the Petronas Tower which is 1 train away from KL central. We arrived before lunch and it’s a good thing that there are not much tourist that day that we got booked on their 1PM group tour  with no hassle.

  The other tower is also just nearby but we opted not to go there anymore.

It was a walking tour (again) and passed by the CBD, China Town and then last stop at the KL Museum.

Things I noticed:

  • The ambience is a little bit similiar to Manila.
  • Their train system is of higher grade than of Manila’s (lesser ticket queues, more train lines, airport line to the city, etc)
  • My friend told me it’s almost raining everyday in the afternoon

The must try’s:

  • Of course, the Petronas Tower – I’ve seen in the pictures it’s prettier at night. 
  • Try local food
  • Little India 
  • Batu Caves – I’ve heard it’s also a must see but it’s an hour away to the city I was hesitant about it.

  22,000 steps for the day! The rain caught us and we stayed in the museum for a while.  


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