Life’s Ironies Part 2

The world is so big you can just easily get lost with which principles, beliefs or way of life to follow. It’s good to have an open mind that there’s more than just your little circle of life but sometimes it feels like life is also so much simpler if you just stick to that little circle of yours.

Our lives are like venn diagrams. Our life intercept to the others. And there’s only a couple of venn diagrams that we can accomodate in our life. Otherwise it will be a mess. Though if you look with a second eye into it, it could actually be an art. A messy life is an art. Now can everthing just fall into perspective? One’s perspective. Just like how you see a glass with half a water. Is it half empty or half full?

I wonder how some people can be strongly oppinionated on things. Meron ba silang pinaglalaban? Pinaghuhugutang karanasan? Well opinions are just opinions but there are times it comes to a point it’s already irritating like they are saying it as a fact. And they are making opinions like their lives have been so perfect and flawless.


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