Which is which?

PLDT myDSL is being annoying already. For the past 2 weeks, it has not improved its speed.

We’re supposed to switch to CABLE LINK Broadband which is apparently ready to install in our new apartment. Just that on that day that I’m about to call PLDT and cancel that whole thing, the lobby called and said that PLDT is waiting downstairs.

PLDT speedgo to speedtest.net to check your internet speed

Right. So I have no choice but to go with PLDT again. But since PLDT is being very customer satisfying right now(sarcastic), 160 Kbps for upload and 330 kbps for download(pretty much what we’re currently subscribed) pero bakit ang bagal pa rin.  I think we’re gonna switch to CABLE Link 1MBps for P999.

And anyway, I don’t see a very big need for a landline phone and that I am also planning to subscribe for a GLOBE Postpaid. I checked their website to find more about their current available Globe Plans. Weird, the site is offering me to subscribe to  Call Mobile and Landline ALL YOU CAN when what I think I need is Call Mobile and Text ALL YOU CAN.

Globe Plans

My reason of subscribing to a Globe Line.

  • More or less I use mobile load of this amount every month
  • I am very prone in losing mobile phones(you don’t wanna know how many I’ve lost). So just in any case, I dont have to inform all my friends and colleagues for my new mobile number anymore
  • 95% of my contacts are using Globe. All my siblings and parents are using Globe.
  •  It comes with a free phone.

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