A Typical Day in the Office


Bag on the desk.


Coffee Routine.

Then you change your Office Communicator Status.

Then someone PMs you.

Plug your earphones.

Then you’re delighted.

You’re on Busy Status.

Then you get an escalation.

And Your buddy is on SL.

Then you’re  exasperated.

You go on a field trip. You pull your office mates to fetch water from the pantry.

Water Break.

You get mood swings.

1..2..3.. Count the remaining months.

You’re back on your desk.

And you sigh a hundred times.

Dinner Break. Or Working Break rather.

Back to work.

You repeat what your seat mate has just said.

And then poker face.

Someone cracks a joke.

And you ride the joke.

And everyone laughs.

You destress.

You’re busy. Then you’re distressed.



Then Banchetto.

And then you blog.



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