COVID-19 Diaries Day 47 #laborahay

Anong ambag mo?

Char lang.

Everyday, we have to log in a SharePoint our attendance for the day. It’s my 31st log into that SP and it took me to reflect. It means I’ve been working from home for 31 consecutive working days already (with 1.5 Sick Leave and 1 long weekend in between). Bukas na yung 2nd long weekend. Goodbye, 2020.

This is my longest ever straight work from home. Akala ko mangyayari lang ‘to if need ko na mag-alaga ng baby. Charot.

Medyo nakakasanay na rin ‘tong WFH ha. Yung feeling na laging may nagtetext sayo tapos biglang mawawala. Ganon levels na nakakasanay.

This year, 5 weeks pa lang pala ako pumasok ng opisina? Di ko na yata alam pano makisalamuha sa tao.

I’ve always thought before na itry mag work from home (Batangas) from time to time like 2-3 days in a week so that I could spend more time with my family esp we still have stuff to really work on.

May mga What If’s lang ako sa crisis na ‘to. Mas ok sana kung sa Batangas ako naabutan ng quarantine. Family Time talaga. Took me few weeks to finally move on from that missed opportunity. Nasstress ako sa loob ng bahay. Taong bahay naman ako. Pero nakakastress yung fact na di pwede umalis on your own leisure unless essential errands. Tapos nakadagdag pa ung mga balita sa social media.

Subtle slap of ‘check your privilege’. Yung iba namomroblema saan maghahanap ng pambili ng makakain. Ikaw namomroblema ng kung ano gagawin.

BUT. Hindi ba pwedeng we are all fighting our own different battles? We all have our own capabilities, own circumstances, own principles, own beliefs. And we all just wanna survive amid this crisis. We all are ought to help each other specially if you have the means to but never ever take these anxious thoughts for granted because you are not alone.

Daming marka ng kalendaryo namin. Early this day, I guess inatake na naman ako ng anxiety. I wrote this very spontaneously and posted in IG. May ilang mga nagreact and nagshare ng suggestions. Then wrote a few more I plan to do this long weekend. And for some reasons talaga, it helps me. I think writing kind of organizes my thoughts and gives me some things to look forward to.


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