6 Years of Love Hate Relationship

Six Years na kami ni Accenture. And going stronger? Who would have thought.

When I was still an SE, I once told a friend “Hindi ako magpapaabot ng TL” dito. Guess what, now I’m an Associate Manager.

Ano bang nangyari in the past six years? Minsan nasasabi ko, 6 yrs na pala yun? Minsan naman nasasabi ko, 6 years pa lang ba? Kasi feeling ko ang tagal tagal ko na nagwowork.

Tinatanong ng marami, “what makes you stay?” Ano nga ba? There’s definitely a long list of reasons why I would want to explore opportunities outside, but I guess the list of reasons to stay and grow in Accenture is longer.

Ilang beses na akong nagheads up na plano ko na umalis. E laging hindi natutuloy. By the time na andun na ko sa inestimate kong panahon, nagbago na naman yung ihip ng hangin.


Well there are also your friends who are more than just office mates. People who you talk to, seat with everyday and share your life with.

There’s the continuous learning. There’s that what makes you feeling accomplished kahit pagod.

Weird thing is, when you’re in Accenture, it can mold you, it can make you focus on your career journey. Sa dami ba namang mentors and coaches sa paligid and people who inspire you to do better. You have to be ready to accept the challenges and accept the opportunities that come your way. Yun nga lang, it could take majority of your time. It takes a little sacrifice. Sabi nga ng notebook ko,

No Great achievement is possible without persistence

 Insert amazed face. Bow.


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